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Deploy WordPress Multisite (WPMS) for all Community IT sites


(Participation Infrastructure :: MCWS, task)

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This is a tracking bug for the deployment of WordPress MU (WPMU) for all Community IT-hosted WordPress sites. It will depend on specific deployment bugs for the websites that need to be exported over.
Summary: Deploy WPMU for all Community IT sties → Deploy Wordpress Multi-site for all Community IT sties
Alias: WPMS
Keywords: meta
Summary: Deploy Wordpress Multi-site for all Community IT sties → Deploy WordPress Multisite (WPMS) for all Community IT sites
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Moving over to new Community IT components.
Component: Server Operations: Community IT → Community IT: Hosting
Product: → Infrastructure & Operations
This bug is still open. What's outstanding to wrap this up? 

Is there documentation on what we have and what we need to have?

Have we looked at the CloudFormation method to build a durable WPMS?
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Unclear why this got kanbanize'd. Reverting.
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Stop fighting with me.
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In the spirt of my post at is there anything that can be done to help this? I spend a lot of time working with Wordpress and PHP stuff, so if there's anything that can be done, let me know.
Depends on: 1095953
WordPress Multisite is no longer a solution we are considering. We are looking at other ways to move our WordPress sites on shared hosting and VPSes. Closing this accordingly.
Closed: 9 years ago
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what about something like on a ghost blog software

Bulk move of bugs

Component: Community IT: Hosting → MCWS
Product: Infrastructure & Operations → Participation Infrastructure
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