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cardForEmailAddress/hasCard searches the whole addressbook instead of just a mailing list if called on mailing list


(Thunderbird :: Address Book, defect)

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Steps to reproduce:

Calling cardForEmailAddress(...) on an nsIAbDirectory representing a mailing list gives unexpected results.

From the semantics I'd expect it to just search the cards related to the mailing list. However, in reality the whole addressbook containing the mailing list is searched instead.

The root of the cause is here:

Expected results:

I suggest mailing lists should be searched not by looking at the parent addressbook, but just "inside" the mailing list. If there is no searchable database for mailing lists, I suggest using a sequential search, which would not bring any excessive load in most cases.
See Also: → 1034987
See Also: → 1663935
See Also: 1663935
Severity: normal → S3
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