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Bug 1002417 (gaia-web-components)

[Meta] Use Web Components in Gaia



Firefox OS
3 years ago
2 years ago


(Reporter: vingtetun, Unassigned)


(Depends on: 13 bugs)

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This is the meta bug in order to track the necessary pieces to start using Web Components in Gaia.
Alias: gaia-web-components
Depends on: 1005830
No longer depends on: 1000132
Depends on: 1010553
Depends on: 1010981
Depends on: 1010995
Depends on: 1010998
Depends on: 1010990
Looks like we're starting to file bugs for the next set of components here - yaay. I filed a few ones that are currently unassigned, feel free to take them for yourself if you would like to work on them.
Depends on: 1011118
No longer depends on: 1011118
Depends on: 1011351
Depends on: 1013148
No longer depends on: 1010553
Depends on: 1012578
No longer depends on: 1011351
Depends on: 1013154
No longer depends on: 1010990
Depends on: 1013168
No longer depends on: 1012578
Depends on: 1013169
No longer depends on: 1010998
Depends on: 1013229
No longer depends on: 1010995
Depends on: 1013232
No longer depends on: 1010981
Depends on: 1013237
Depends on: 1013840
Depends on: 1017612
Depends on: 1018696
Depends on: 1018697
Depends on: 1019654


3 years ago
Blocks: 1020078
Depends on: 1037866
Summary: [Meta] Use Web Components into Gaia → [Meta] Use Web Components in Gaia
Depends on: 1052150
No longer depends on: 1052150
Depends on: 1052150
Depends on: 1054766
Depends on: 1091731


2 years ago
OS: All → Gonk (Firefox OS)
Priority: -- → P1
Hardware: All → ARM
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