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[Dolphin] Create Dolphin builds for 1.4


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(b2g-v1.4 fixed)

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b2g-v1.4 --- fixed


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We need to start generating builds for Dolphin on 1.4.
Depends on: 1011131
Summary: Create Dolphin builds for 1.4 → [Dolphin] Create Dolphin builds for 1.4
Whiteboard: [Dolphin_1.4]
There's no special rules to build Dolphin this time.
Here's the steps I used.

BRANCH=v1.4 ./ dolphin
./ kernelheader && ./

There's no need to assign ANDROIDFS_DIR for Dolphin devices.
Assignee: nobody → sbruno
Depends on: 1014102
Attached file sources.xml (obsolete) —
initial manifest for dolphin. needs landing on mozilla-b2g30_v1_4 as b2g/config/dolphin/sources.xml
I added some support in to make it easier to get new devices up and running.

e.g. -c b2g_bumper/ --massage-manifests --checkout-manifests --no-write --device dolphin

gave me the output needed to file bug 1014102 for missing git mirrors.
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b2g bumper configs for dolphin; make it easier to get missing repos

I use self.add_failure() for this type of thing (detecting failure for later, but not fatal()ing yet), but this works too.

> +      "needs sync? %s/%s -> %s/%s" % (orig_fetch_url, name, new_fetch_url, name))

Is the right level? I'd guess warning/error/critical, but since there's a fatal() afterwards, it's a matter of taste.
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Something here went live today
Catlee provided to me some details related to this (and more generally to b2g builds - thanks catlee!), I think I now have all the info I need. I'll upload patches as soon as I have some green runs in my test env.
We're seeing a few build errors in staging:

12:55:13    ERROR -  hardware/libhardware_legacy/audio/AudioPolicyManagerBase.cpp:246:27: error: 'FFOS_AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_FM' was not declared in this scope
12:55:13     INFO -  hardware/libhardware_legacy/audio/AudioPolicyManagerBase.cpp: In member function 'virtual void android_audio_legacy::AudioPolicyManagerBase::setForceUse(android_audio_legacy::AudioSystem::force_use, android_audio_legacy::AudioSystem::forced_config)':
12:55:13    ERROR -  hardware/libhardware_legacy/audio/AudioPolicyManagerBase.cpp:546:39: error: 'FFOS_AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_FM' was not declared in this scope
12:55:13    ERROR -  hardware/libhardware_legacy/audio/AudioPolicyManagerBase.cpp:549:62: error: 'FFOS_AUDIO_FM_DEVICE_ADDRESS' was not declared in this scope
12:55:13    ERROR -  hardware/libhardware_legacy/audio/AudioPolicyManagerBase.cpp:552:64: error: 'FFOS_AUDIO_FM_DEVICE_ADDRESS' was not declared in this scope
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Can you './repo sync system/core' and then check again?
In the latest sourece the following 2 definitions are in "system/core/include/system/audio.h"

#define FFOS_AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_FM     0X80000

Partner fixed FM issue in the following commit/repo.

commit dfc314f61b701c4a710b989e9b21300d122dbbc9
Author: cihong.liu <>
Date:   Tue May 27 15:47:46 2014 +0800

commit f19a0f6deb55d1040edbf68ddd6064c14515713d
Author: cihong.liu <>
Date:   Tue May 27 15:40:45 2014 +0800
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Depends on: 1017623
still don't have a successful build yet, but this has been what I've used so far
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Thanks catlee - once again you covered for me being toooo slow... :-/
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builds look good now in staging. will deploy tomorrow
Assignee: sbruno → catlee
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Attachment #8431080 - Flags: checked-in+
Merged to production and deployed.
Depends on: 1021437

I'd like to to confirm one thing. Dolphin need to be built kernelheader first as tarako.
But I am not sure if dophin build is done as the same as tarako.
$./ kernelheader && ./

As I saw there is an error in bug 1022078, I think build kernelheader first can prevent this error.
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Chris, Thanks!
Looks like builds are green now.
Closed: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Two bugs still need your help.
 - [Bug 1027554] dolphin full image size is incorrect in pvt build
 - [Bug 1032066] [FxOS][V1.4][Dolphin] Default user of engineering build isn't "root"

Thanks! Have a nice day!
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