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Reject building with pymake


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Now that comm-central builds fine without pymake, it's time to say goodbye. And in fact, since bug 1022348 landed, pymake builds are broken anyways (and the good thing is that few people complained they were failing to build).
Also, not having to care for pymake helps make the build system changes I'm planning for soon.
I'll grant r+ without seeing the patch.
We need to ensure l10n and related infra (including release jobs) will work fine without pymake, even when calling the old pymake invoker directly (e.g. python for certain buildbot parts.

I "seem to recall" that we passed directly to mozmake when invoked that way, if in path, but wanted to call it out
We can surely do this in several steps:
- Remove pymake support from mach (doesn't impact automation)
- Make the change from bug 927672 not fallback to using pymake if mozmake is not present (and here we can see if that breaks l10n)
- Actively reject pymake in config/

For step 2, that essentially depends on whether those builds are using tooltool or not.
(In reply to Mike Hommey [:glandium] from comment #4)
> For step 2, that essentially depends on whether those builds are using
> tooltool or not.

According to the logs, l10n builds don't use tooltool. (not only on windows, btw)
Depends on: 1027929

Oh, the irony. It would break nightly l10n, but not release l10n.
Actually, release l10n builds would break for a different reason: they don't run tooltool in the topsrcdir.
Attached patch Reject builds with pymake (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Please do look at this patch ;)
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Note the weird thing removed from config/ ; the test didn't work there because L10NBASEDIR is always set (see config/
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Reject builds with pymake

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I think I have a new favorite patch of the year.

::: config/
@@ +29,3 @@
>  # strictly above 4.0.
> +ifdef .PYMAKE
> +$(error Pymake is not supported)

Let's make this a little more user friendly since I know some people bypass and will see this. How about:

Pymake is no longer supported. Please upgrade to MozillaBuild 1.9 or newer and build with 'make'.
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What failed at landing is that the b2g simulator thing is back-calling make through the mach code in The best idea I have is to export MAKE, and make mach try that value too.
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Reject builds with pymake

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my reluctant r+ on that b2g simulator patch comes back to bite us.

I'll re-land this for you since I assume you are sleeping.
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