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[meta] MozStumbler service in Fennec meta-bug


(Android Background Services Graveyard :: Geolocation, defect)

Firefox 34
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(Reporter: garvan, Assigned: garvan)



(Keywords: meta)

Meta-bug for Stumbler feature
OS: All → Android
Hardware: x86 → All
Depends on: 1036514
Depends on: 1036517
Depends on: 1007264

Also required is a permissions bump for WIFI scanning. I missed a key detail earlier that the WIFI scanning permission is turned off in release. Doh! A permissions bump is scheduled for 34.j

Bug 1024708 - essentially done.

Bug 1030949 - additional freq. controls in prefs, not technically a blocker.

Bug 1030948 - limit the number of stumbles, easy fix, do this next
* make sure MLS key is passed to stumbler, easy fix also

Bug 1036514 - about:config to turn on debug, will be critical for QA to see that stumbling is working.
Depends on: 1038843
Depends on: 1038923
Depends on: 1052393
Depends on: 1054520
Depends on: 1027078
Depends on: 1003598
Component: General → Geolocation
Keywords: meta
Product: Firefox for Android → Android Background Services
Summary: [geolocation-stumbler] MozStumbler service in Fennec meta-bug → [meta] MozStumbler service in Fennec meta-bug
Version: Firefox 33 → Firefox 34
Depends on: 1061991
Recap of the open bugs.

For FFox 34:
bug 1061991 - Permission required for WiFi scanning
bug 1054520 - Turn on stumbler in build system 
bug 1027078 - Opt-in UX
bug 1007264 - New wording for opt-in message

For Future: 
1003598 - Cell data uploading option 
1036514 - about:config pref for logging
1052393 - Username UI
> For FFox 34:
> bug 1027078 - Opt-in UX
> bug 1007264 - New wording for opt-in message

N.B., assuming that these require new strings, these won't make 34, unless you've already sweet-talked Pike into an exception from the usual process.
I want to get stumbler active in the Nightly and Aurora train for Firefox 34. Which requires only 
 bug 1054520 (and its Robocop buddy: bug 1060705). [And off in Release and Beta in the 34 train.]

For the remaining loose ends, the opt-in and the permissions bump, that means the Firefox 35 Release and Beta train.

I *think* that will work, although if you detect process smell, let me know.
Closed: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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