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Open StarOffice/ Open Document/ODF files in Mozilla


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Could it be made possible to open staroffice / openoffice files in Mozilla.
Staroffice 6.x files are zipped XML files, so I think it could be possible.
Staroffice/Mozilla is the combination of the future.
Please give it a try.
It would be possible if StarOffice provided a stylesheet and DTD to use with
these files....  XML on its own is useless for display purposes; you have to
know what to do with it.
layout.  confirming RFE
Assignee: asa → attinasi
Component: Browser-General → Layout
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Keywords: helpwanted
QA Contact: doronr → petersen
Target Milestone: --- → Future
->nobody, this is more involved than layout. StarOffice uses XML for styles
(partly based on XSL:FO) which looks non-trivial to translate to CSS, which we
use exclusively.
Assignee: attinasi → nobody
No longer blocks: 159310
Summary: Open staroffice files in Mozilla → [RFE] Open staroffice/openoffice files in Mozilla
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The file format specification is open and located at:

The OOo file format is a zip file. Inside are a bunch of XML files. The file
"meta.xml" has the DTD information. I think we would have to be downloading
external DTDs to get this working, though, so marking bug 22942 as a blocker.

We aren't too far away from being able to implement this. 
No longer blocks: 159310
Depends on: entities
Summary: [RFE] Open staroffice/openoffice files in Mozilla → [RFE] Open StarOffice/ files in Mozilla
I'm not sure it makes sense to have this in the tracking system.
Wouldn't it be better to develop it as a mozdev project and then open a bug to
add those capabilities to Mozilla?
Summary: [RFE] Open StarOffice/ files in Mozilla → Open StarOffice/ files in Mozilla
CPH wrote on OOo Forum :

On Tuesday 23 September 2003 11:38, Darragh Sherwin wrote:

>> Nicu Buculei wrote:
>>> > Olivier Hallot wrote:
>>>> >> Hello
>>>> >> Sorry if this is stupid but I am wandering why a browser plugin to
>>>> >> view OO docs are not yet available or under construction....
>>>> >>
>>>> >> Is it a impossible task?, I am just innocently connecting  OO zipped
>>>> >> XML format with XML read capability of Mozilla... (I kmow nothing on
>>>> >> XML!) and I think it will be nice if my browser could open OO docs
>>>> >> directly...
>>> >
>>> > opening XML in Mozilla will give you nice formatted view of the XML
>>> > source, not the document rendered
>> It would an interesting little project to write an XSLT for Mozilla to
>> render an sxw document but you would need to write in support for
>> Mozilla to unzip the sxw.
>> Otherwise, you could use the FlatXML Filter and write the XSLT without
>> the need for zip support.
>> I seem to remember there was talk of this before??

The XSLT is already written : the XSLT for XHTML. Looks like it may only be a 
"simple" mozilla wrapper  
Only for general information, there also is an OOo-issue:
Pls. also have a look to bug 194351, which also is concerning this issue.

We are not alone, take a look at this:
Adding a dependency on bug 194351
Depends on: 194351
See also this reference:
David, of course!

If bug 194351 will be fixed, we should use XSLT from your URL to produce XHTML
from OOo documents. I guess, XSLT should be the most relevant there, it would
allow us to read not ony OOo documents, but WML, RSS, DocBook etc.
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Note that there will be a Mozilla plugin for SO/OOo files in 2.0
due Q12005. However it will rely on an existing install of OOo rather than being
a freestanding viewer.

for more info.
It seems to me that plugin isn't a right way to do this. XSLT is a more powerful
and common alternative. My reasons:

1. If we'll use an XSLT, we could get way to display OOo docs in Mozilla
Mail/Thunderbird directly in messages (esp. for workgroup environment). Plugins
generally are disabled in mail, and this is right policy.

2. XSLT is a platform independent feature. I see at least two advantages: a) if
OOo guys will produce a new XML format (e.g. in OOo 3.0), they will write only
one XSL file to correct all uncompatibilities; and b) OOo files will be
displayed in all platforms which can run Mozilla, not only OOo-able (e.g.
OpenVMS or AIX).

3. We already have a cross-platform mechanism to show any XML document via
desired XSLT. Look at and see it in action.
re #17 From Nick Richards:

I hope this request is about creating an XSLT stylesheet to render
OOo/Staroffice files.

Note to all: 
OOo 2.0 uses by default the Open Text formats, made by OASIS:
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Summary: Open StarOffice/ files in Mozilla → Open StarOffice/ Open Document/ODF files in Mozilla
Depending on exactly how open the license is eventually decided by the community to be (there still appears to be some arguments about it), if we did implement native ODF XML parsing/rendering, we might want to consider the MS Office XML formats as well.
Ian, if bug 194351 will be fixed, the question will be only about XSLT to transform Office XML to XHTML. Similar issue is discussed in bug 35995.

Go to bug 194351 and vote for it.
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I agree CSS or XSLT is the better solution.

But as temp soln, I have a bookmarklet which do minimal things, 
see attachment 244250 [details]
QA Contact: chrispetersen → layout
See Also: → 1127848
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