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Merge what's left of into, remove


(Firefox Build System :: General, defect)

Not set


(firefox41 wontfix, firefox76 fixed)

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firefox41 --- wontfix
firefox76 --- fixed


(Reporter: parkouss, Assigned: gbrown)


(Blocks 2 open bugs)



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The build/ file is quite a mess, and we should remove the need for it, if possible. :) This is blocking for mochitest for example as we would like to package it properly.

So, quite some work to do - these are the dependencies:

I propose to make this bug a tracking bug, so we can do the job step by step.
Depends on: 1177552
Depends on: 1177780
Blocks: 1178158
bug 775756 was tracking this overarching work.
So, do you want to mark this bug as blocking bug 775756, or close this as WONTFIX or DUPLICATE ?
It's up to you. Removing is definitely something we want, but I'd also rather have bugs on file to fix the specific issues with it rather than just a generic "remove it" bug.
This is being used as a tracking bug, which I think is arguably a prerequisite to bug 775756, so marking this as blocking.
Blocks: 775756
We removed all uses of from desktop automation. It's still used in mobile automation, but fixing that is a fair amount of work. We can simplify some build system gunk by just moving the contents of into  since we no longer need the preprocessor interpolation.
Blocks: nomakefiles
Component: Mozbase → Build Config
Product: Testing → Core
Summary: clean and hopefully remove it → Merge what's left of into, remove
Product: Core → Firefox Build System

As far as I can tell, some or all of is dead code. Automation.runApp is definitely dead, and if you remove that a lot of other code can be removed too.

Here's a try push where I added a raise Exception("blah") to the start of runApp, and it appears to have run just fine:

Thanks! I'll see if I can move this forward.

Assignee: nobody → gbrown

Remove unused code from, move some android-specific code from to, and eliminate some other easily-replaced
code. In the long term we want to eliminate completely; I may
attempt that once these changes have landed.

No longer blocks: 1621467
No longer blocks: 1621468
Keywords: leave-open
Keywords: leave-open

Remove the remainder of and the build support for generating
Some of this functionality was in use, especially for android tests.
Some code was moved or re-implemented in or in the affected
harness(es). Some features were removed: There are some minor changes in behavior.
For instance, instead of using a different server startup timeout for debug builds,
one value is used for all builds (due to performance improvements over time,
the longer timeout is no longer needed).

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Remove entirely; r=egao,bc
Closed: 1 year ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla76
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