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Unhide b2g desktop Gip(u) when it meets visibility requirements


(Tree Management Graveyard :: Visibility Requests, defect)

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Gip(u) had a terrible failure rate (somewhat masked by the terrible idea of running up to three times), and then an update to marionette-transport from bug 1176408 which caused the presentation of Gip timeouts to change from "TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Connection timed out" to multiple instances of "IOError: Connection to Marionette server is lost. Check gecko.log (desktop firefox) or logcat (b2g) for errors." apparently also caused the process of timing out to take even longer, and so now when it fails it mostly also hits "[taskcluster] Error: Task timeout after 3600 seconds. Force killing container." which because of bug 1179835 is presented in treeherder as "Failure summary is empty".

Despite bug 1179835 being what tipped me over to calling it unacceptable, fixing that isn't a hard blocker to unhiding: if you never time out the suite, nobody is going to realize that when you do the failure mode is unacceptable, so I suspect that just disabling the failing,, tests (and perhaps some test_launch*) would probably get you down to a reasonable failure rate.
Depends on: 1068094
Depends on: 1180903
WONTFIX in favor of bug 1180903.
Closed: 9 years ago
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Product: Tree Management → Tree Management Graveyard
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