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[userstory] CC: Site Permissions on main panel


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(Reporter: MarcoM, Unassigned)


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(Whiteboard: [fxprivacy] [userstory])

User Story

* As a user viewing the Control Center, I want to be able to see any special permissions I’ve given the current site and be able to change them easily so that I don’t accidentally give a website access to my voice or face

Acceptance Criteria: 
* Permissions CC panel, styled as in the mock-up
** Headline: “Permissions”, with Permissions icon adjacent
* Each site-level permission (camera, video, mic, cookies, etc.) with a non-default setting is listed inline, below the “Permissions headline”
** Each non-default permission shows its icon and text label as given in mock-up. 
** The non-default setting is listed with a text label (i.e. "allow")
** User can remove each non-default setting by clicking the "X" that appears alongside it.
* If a site does not have any non-default permissions, the panel copy reads “You have not granted this page any special permissions.” [2]
* Arrow hinting at sub-panel where site-level permission exceptions editing is available. 
* Icons: inline permissions show latest iconography


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Depends on: 1192997
Depends on: 1193004
Depends on: 1193006
Depends on: 1200631
Depends on: 1202084
Depends on: 1193157
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Depends on: 1203280
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Depends on: 1215222
No longer depends on: 1192997
Depends on: 1271868
Depends on: 1274480
See Also: → 1188472
Depends on: 1284172
Depends on: 1330559
Depends on: 1335155
Severity: normal → S3
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