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getPropertyValue on computed style (getComputedStyle) does not do shorthand properties


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nsComputedDOMStyle should handle getPropertyValue asking for shorthands
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No plans to work on this any time in the foreseeable future, so to default owner.
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10 years later... Still no plan on fixing the bug?
Not until there's a spec for the behavior, at least, no, because until then there's no way to implement this: the behavior is not define.  The spec is being worked on.
Where is the spec being worked on, and is it possible to see the progress?
And note that there are computed values of some shorthands that cannot actually be represented as a value for the shorthand.  Not an issue for "padding", but definitely an issue for "border".
Duplicate of this bug: 1005447
Note that getPropertyCSSValue is supposed to return null for shorthands -- which is what we do for the shorthands that have always been shorthands -- but not the ones that were originally longhands.

There are plenty of non-representable values of shorthands -- that happens for specified style too -- and I believe the spec says to handle it the same way, by serializing to the empty string: refers to which says:
"If shorthand cannot represent the values of list in its grammar, return the empty string and terminate these steps."
(and that wording covers both computed and specified style).

That said:  what do other browsers do here?  Will we hit compatibility problems if we start supporting shorthands?
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Duplicate of this bug: 58638
It looks like Chrome and Safari supports shorthands currently. I'm able to get appropriate serialized value on them. I think we should do the same too.
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This is sort-of easily-implementable without duplicating a lot of code by using the "uncomputing" machinery we already have for animations, and constructing a temporary declaration block to try serializing the shorthand with all the relevant declarations, I guess.
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As per [1] the CSSWG has resolved: "all shorthands must show up in getComputedStyles". The spec has yet to be updated to reflect the resolution, however.

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See Also: → 1574222

I may take a look at this once I finish Bug 1574222.

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Summary: getPropertyValue on computed style does not do shorthand properties → getPropertyValue on computed style (getComputedStyle) does not do shorthand properties
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QA Contact: boris.chiou

I'm thinking about what should we do for this bug. Perhaps we should drop SHORTHAND_IN_GETCS from, which makes "shorthand in gCS" be a default behavior.

There are various different cases. The current shorthand-in-getcs code doesn't work for all properties. In particular, this code won't do the right thing for:

  • Properties that depend on layout (like padding and margin).
  • Properties that are logical / non-animatable.

I haven't thought all this through, but for the first, I think ideally we'd fix ToResolvedValue for the relevant bits so that we can also remove all the C++-side implementations and CSSValue and so on. That may be a bit of work though, and depending on how many shorthands of the layout-affecting properties are there, we may want to punt on it and just implement them on C++. However it seems like there's a fair amount of them.

For the second we just need more generated code to go from resolved to specified value. Right now that code is reusing AnimatedValue::from_computed_value() and then AnimatedValue::uncompute. This makes assumptions that don't hold for all properties:

  • That resolved and computed values are the same.
  • That all properties are animatable.

All those assumptions don't hold for all shorthands. They hold for the shorthands we support right now though.

This bug is also problematic for WebDriver tests where "Get Element CSS Value" is being called with a shorthand css property resulting in different results for Chrome and Firefox (see e.g.:

Duplicate of this bug: 1690830
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