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Imported IE Favorites not resolving


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Windows 2000
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In the Bookmarks menu, Imported IE Favorites are no longer being resolved to the
correct websites; just showing internet shortcut text. 

Steps to reproduce: 
Click on Bookmarks menu
Click on Imported IE Favorites
Click on any Imported IE Favorite

Expected Behavior
When I click on the IE Favorite, it browses to the desired page.

Actual Behavior:

Browser shows:

Address bar shows:

I've tried removing my bookmarks.html, deleting localstore and other rdfs, and
fastload files. No luck. Will try creating a new profile soon.

This is present is builds 20020507xx - 20020509xx but works fine earlier.
*** Bug 143225 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Severity: normal → major
Ever confirmed: true
This problem is not present with a new profile but does happen on Imported IE
Favorites imported because of this pref: 

user_pref("browser.bookmarks.import_system_favorites", true);
hmm, it doesn't work for me having this line in my old prefs:

user_pref("browser.bookmarks.import_system_favorites", false);

and this line only starts the action to import the favorites while starting Mozilla.
Blocks: 120814
Did something change beween Moz 1.0.0 RC1 and RC2?  Everything worked before I
upgraded, but now my IE favourites have stopped working - I get the behaviour
described in the summary.

Mozilla 1.0.0 RC2, Windows 2000 Pro, IE 5.5

Ditto for me. Worked fine in RC1. Loaded RC2, and I am seeing this same
behavior. Mozilla 1.0 RC2 on Windows 2000 Pro.
*** Bug 144375 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
It happens since the nightly 1.0.0 build 20020508 or -09.
Are you getting this behavior with the listed steps, or do you require copying
your favorites out of their default location?  If you do, this is bug 69768.
i can also confirm this - mozilla1.0RC2 on win2k pro. my bookmarks were imported
when i created a profile under one of the builds when URL encoding was still a
problem, so mine had %20s all through them.

i tried to fix by deleting the imported ie favorites folder, setting
user_pref("browser.bookmarks.import_system_favorites", true); in prefs.js, and
restarting mozilla - it re-imported all my bookmarks without spaces, but stopped
actually resolving them (i get the same behaviour as above).

i set that import pref back to false. it still has all the imported IE favorites
in their own folder, it's not getting new favorites (as expected), and it's not
resolving them. so doesn't resolve the favorites with the import pref set to
both true and false.
To clarify:

The original Imported Favorites that are present when a new profile is created
work. This is because they have actual entries in the Bookmarks file that are
made when the profile is created. 

When the pref (import_system_favorites) is used, it will not re-import the
actual bookmarks into the Bookmarks file, it only creates a "folder" bookmark.
Mine is: <DT><A
HREF="file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/steve/Favorites/">Imported IE

It is this "folder" bookmark under which no bookmarks will resolve. So it's not
that the pref is active or not at the time the user is trying to use the
bookmarks, it's just that that's how the pref imports the bookmarks. This was
also mentioned in bug 143225 that was marked duplicate.

If I remember correctly (sorry, can't test at the moment), this first showed up
in the 20020507, so here are the check-ins for the previous day.
I can totaly confirm the last post #10 .
nsbeta1- per Nav triage team, since few target users will set this hidden pref.
Keywords: nsbeta1nsbeta1-
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla1.2alpha
I'm not sure what you mean by setting a hidden preference. 

I installed Mozilla. It imported IE favorites. I moved those
folders around so that they appear on my personal toolbar in
Mozilla. Prior to RC2, I could click on bookmarks in those 
folders, and they would work. Now when I click on them it just
displays the contents of those bookmark files.

I didn't add or change any hidden preferences related to this,
and I am experiencing this bug.
Confirm this bug on Mozilla 1.0 RC2 on Win NT 4.0
Added to RC3 not suck.  We need to decide what to do with this feature, fix it,
leave it, or turn it off (screams anticipated)
Blocks: 143200
Trying to summarize this bug.

Actual results: Using 1.0 RC2 branch Build ID: 2002051506 with a new profile on
Windows 98, IE favorites are imported once. They work great. New IE favorites
are not imported. Then, after closing Mozilla, and manually adding the following
line to user.js in the profile directory, and restarting Mozilla:

user_pref("browser.bookmarks.import_system_favorites", false);

Mozilla imports IE Favorites again. This time, though, the IE Favorites are
imported into a second Mozilla Bookmarks Folder entitled "Imported IE
Favorites." This new folder includes all of the current IE Favorites, but the
new IE Favorites have the wrong URL. They link to file: URL's instead of http:
URL's, for example.

Expected results: As a result of the pref, Mozilla should import IE Favorites
each time it starts into the same IE Favorites folder with the right URL.

This bug should not result in IE Favorites being pulled from Mozilla 1.0. It
affects only users who manually insert the pref. At worst, the bug should be
relnoted to inform users who use that pref. Ideally, this bug would be fixed for
off the RC3 list.
No longer blocks: 143200
Comment #13 says that this bug happens regardless of setting a hidden pref.  Can
anyone verify if this is true?
Well, here are two parts of this Bug. One means having problems by importing
favorites. That's not my problem. Importing works fine for me on w2k.

My problem is the now again broken referencing of Win-Favorites like described
in this Bugreport and in Bug 143225 .
And I checked this thing with the hidden prefs - no change. 
The referencing (to
file:///C|/Dokumente%20und%20Einstellungen/joe/Favoriten/Links) worked until
1.0.0 Build 20020507. In latest 1.0.0 Build 2002051606 it keeps broken.
I never set any hidden prefs, and I can confirm this bug is nevertheless present
for me.

Moz 1.0 RC2 Build ID 2002051006
Win Me
Apparently the reason that I had the link to the IE Favorites Directory without
having set any pref was because I previously installed Netscape 6.2.2. Netscape
6.2.2 automagically created a default profile and the corresponding bookmark
file C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\default\foo.slt\bookmarks.html
contained this link to the Imported IE Favorites directory ->

So when I installed Mozilla, instead of a new default profile being created,
Mozilla used this profile.

Part of the confusion ( and plently of future confusion I'm sure) has stemmed/
will stem from the fact that both of these are named "Imported IE Favorites."  I
will rename them something like "Imported IE Favorites" and "IE Favorites
Directory" so that I can use both and not mix them up.
I confirm this on rc3 on win2000.

BTW, SmartFind queries works on IE Favorites and URLs are resolved. Possible
Confirmed on rc3 running on WinXP (new moz install on fresh os image).
The reason I'm experiencing this bug is the same as the one in comment 21 - I'd
previously installed various versions of Netscape 6.x and Mozilla.  Creating a
new profile solved this problem.
Confirm behavior build 2002052306 on WinME.  New profile doesn't exhibit
problem.  Previous Mozilla builds and Netscape on machine. 
Past RC3 Build 2002052306 continues with this Bug on W2K.
Rebuilding a new profile won't fix it! 
I tested it with my old Profile "User50" and a totaly new "Profiles" profile.
Result: No difference. :-(

It seams to because by buildung a clean profile creates/copies the Favorites
URLs into the bookmark.html and doesn't reference to the System-Bookmarks of
Windows like explained in this Bug.
*** Bug 147154 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
adding my name to this bug
*** Bug 147260 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Why is this bug target for only mozilla1.2alpha in "far" future??
My opinion is that this bug is a broken main function bookmark - which worked
I hope it will be fixed before or until 1.0.
I was able to go to a link in the imported favorites using build ID: 2002052306
First: I saw this bug first without having touched my pref.js file before.

Again: This bug concerns the _references_ to the System-Bookmarks of Windows not
the static _imported_ Favorites. You can simulate/reproduce it by this steps:
1. Menu > Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks... 
2. Remove "Imported IE Favorites" folder
3. Exit Mozilla
4. Open "prefs.js" in your "...\Mozilla\Profiles\Default\foo42.slt" folder
5. Add or change the bookmark prefs to the following values:
   user_pref("browser.bookmarks.added_static_root", true);
   user_pref("browser.bookmarks.import_system_favorites", true);
   user_pref("browser.bookmarks.show_static_system_bookmarks", true);
6. Start Mozilla again
7. Menu > Bookmarks > Imported IE Favorites > Select any bookmark you like below
8. You get an output like this:

Same happens in the latest build 2002052906 which comes with a near final
"Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv:1.0.0) Gecko/20020529"

A static import of the favorites is not an alternative to this now broken
function. BTW: Why did it broken??
It is a broken major function in my point of view and should be fixed. This
function worked like said in Comment 4 , Comment 5 , Comment 7 , Comment 9,
Comment 10 , Comment 14 , Comment 16 , Comment 20 , Comment 22 , Comment 23,
Comment 25.

Concerning Comment 18 I can confirm: Yes.

And think: Netscape 6 users - I know this is not a main term - would like to use
this feature in the near Netscape 7 and will be surprised having this feature in
a broken status. :-/
If it doesn't get fixed, let's relnote this for 1.0. I can't figure out what the
relnote should say, though. Any thoughts?
Keywords: relnote
I don't understand what you mean with a "relnote".
But Anyway... Let's do it! They seam to ignore this Bug. :-((
The release tag information is out on the homepage of
Blocks: 148499
No longer blocks: 148499
*** Bug 148499 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
It looks like the contents of the dynamic folder are being given the file path
as a url rather than the url content inside the .lnk file. This could mean that
something in the .lnk parsing isn't working (in
widget/src/windows/nsClipboard.cpp), or that something in the file system
datasource is causing these items not to have their NC:URL arc set as the url
from the .link file, or anything else. 

If someone can produce a patch, I will review. 

This is not relnote. This feature is not supported officially and requires
hand-editing of prefs to enable. I cannot find any indication that this
import_system_bookmarks pref is set to try by default in any of our past
releases, which would cause a migration issue. 
Keywords: relnote
The only thing I see worth relnoting here is that we have removed the dynamic
behavior IE favorites had in the previous release.  We should not relnote
defects in unsupported "features" made possible by hidden prefs.  
We can't afford to spend any time on this for the current release, but I am
keeping it on the radar, and hope to fix it as part of an overhaul of bookmarks
in the the next point release.
*** Bug 144336 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
The behavior reported is still in Mozilla 1.1 beta. But, I discovered
something. SmartFind can also retreive IE favorites data and even better,
resolve it.

The IE fav is named "Mediom - Votre dossier.url" and points to . I attach it to this comment.

Put the URL file in your Windows Favorites folder. Then, go to Bookmarks >
Mozilla Project > Technology Demonstration > SmartFind queries > Bookmark Names
starting with 'M' > Mediom - Votre dossier
Well, this bug is targeted for 1.2alpha like you can see. :-((

Are the functions of the smartfind-project somewhere documented? And is it
possible to receive a part of the favorites tree with subfolders? I saw that
smartfind gets the result only in a plain list und having hundreds of results by
searching e.g. for .com or .org is some kind of ugly. Maybe alphabet-folders for
the results....
At the End 1.2a is out today and this Bug seams to be solved. :-)

Thanks, very much!! :-D
WFM with latest build (1.2b+). Can anyone verify and mark as WORKSFORME.
yeah, I don't see this bug anymore using the trunk builds. Please reopen if you
see this bug again.
Closed: 21 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
Does not work for me on Mozilla 1.2b+ 2002110808.

What is bug number for voting which IE bookmark integration to choose?
Can you specify why?
Which System do you have, etc.?
It works perfect for me.

1. go to Manage Bookmarks
2. create new Bookmark with e.g.
"file:///C|/Dokumente%20und%20Einstellungen/joe/Favoriten" (on a german System
your Win-Favoritefolder) and give it a Name.
3. Voila, it should work now to acces your Win-favorites directly through the
I tried what you wrote (with adapting the location to match my system) Joseph,
but  it still does not work. Yes, I get bookmarks, but no one work as expected
and behaviour is the same as described in original comment. I use French Windows
2000 Professional with SP2 applied.
What does it show in the bookmark management window in the location area for the

Try this:
1. close Mozilla
2. remove x:\Program Files\\Mozilla\components\compreg.dat
3. restart Mozilla

Does it work now?

It still does not work after deleting compreg.dat.
It's broken agin in 1.4a and all latest TRUNKs :((
How to reopen?
Don't reopen this bug. Open a new bug.
No longer blocks: 120814
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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