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Document AudioWorklet


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Parts of AudioWorklet started landing in Firefox in Firefox 62 or so. However, between spec issues and changes made to other implemtnations, and the fact that it will not be enabled by default until sometime in 2019 (current guess is Firefox 66 in March 2019, according to :karlt).

Therefore, while normally we document things for the Firefox release they ship in, we're depropritizing this work for now until it's closer to fully-baked. A document covering our rationale and plan for AudioWorklet documentation can be found on Google docs:

This bug should have as blockers all dev bugs for AudioWorklet, especially those which we feel prevent it from making sense to document it at this time.
Hi Eric,
Thanks for creating this bug: I think you're right and indeed, we should have a meta bug related to AudioWorklet documentation.
I read your document: it's great :)
However, I disagree with your comment about Chrome: "Neither browser fully implements the specification completely enough to be useful in a real world environment"
This is true for Firefox, but Chrome has an implementation that is ready (and shipped by default), and while it might slightly differ from the spec, it's working on a real world environment AFAICT.
Fair enough, Arnaud. I meant "ready and per specification" I guess, but true, lumping Chrome's degree of readiness together with Firefox's was not really an accurate portrayal of things, but more a statement of justification in delaying the documentation.
Depends on: 1470856
Which version of firefox we could test the audioworklet?
We have a web audio production, which have a great experience of feedback since Chrome audioworklet released. I could help test the feature on the firefox. We still recommend Chrome to use the web app. We hope firefox could ship a workable version firstly as soon as possible.
There is nothing much to test yet.
You can follow this bug or bug 1062849 to stay updated about the development.
Thanks for your proposal to help testing this feature :)
Priority: -- → P3

onprocessorerror is the significant part of AudioWorklet that has not quite landed.

import is a subfeature of Worklet that we don't expect to support on shipping.

Most examples should now run on Nightly when these prefs are set:

Depends on: 1616723, 1616725
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