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Don't invoke js subconfigure as a separate process


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This will allow deeper knowledge of the subconfigure from the top-level, allowing to get rid of js_option down the road.

Rather than letting it go through to sys.stdout/sys.stderr directly.
We're going to want to log some more. At the moment, this just adds the
output of subconfigure to top-level config.log, but this will become
more useful down the road.

Depends on D16665
Instead, use the actual log file name as configured through python
logging. This doesn't make a practical difference now, but will when
subconfigure logs to the toplevel log.

Depends on D16666
Because the sandbox has its own environment from which it initializes,
os.environ should reflect that in the sandbox. And the few obvious
things that use os.environ too, i.e. subprocess.*.

Depends on D16667
Since js configure is also python configure, we can actually create
a ConfigureSandbox directly, with the right environment and arguments.

Depends on D16668
Blocks: 1520395
Pushed by
Send old-configure output through logging. r=nalexander
Restore logging to file after running old-configure. r=nalexander
Don't hard code log file name for old-configure. r=nalexander
Wrap the os and subprocess modules in python configure sandbox. r=nalexander
Don't invoke js subconfigure as a separate process. r=nalexander
Depends on: 1520730
Depends on: 1520928
Depends on: 1521284
Depends on: 1523153
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