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adjust reftest and wpt manifests to run on windows 1803


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in migrating to windows 10 1803, there are updates we need to make to wpt manifests to use the specific version and a small number of reftests that need adjusting.

here is a try push:

adjust manifests to allow tests to pass on windows10 1803 release

Blocks: 1515432
Blocks: 1525783
Blocks: 1525782

The webrender 0-255 fuzz seems excessive. Do you have a try push showing that failure?

Those all look like failures. Can you mark them fails-if instead of fuzzy-if?

Blocks: 1525472
Depends on: 1525653
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adjust manifests to allow tests to pass on windows10 v1803

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adjust manifests to allow tests to pass on windows10 1803 release. r=gbrown CLOSED TREE
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Is it possible to backout these changes until we published the releases?
This bug forces us to take the patch in bug 1513145 and we don't feel comfortable about that.

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I didn't realize there was a release- is there a schedule and if this is an emergency release when is an ideal time where we shouldn't have an emergency release? On top of that if we backed out and then relanded bug 1513145 on release/esr later this week, would it be ok? We don't get test coverage on those branches as we would be back in this same spot next week, next release, etc. How would we be ok with landing that change after this unscheduled release?

A work around is to create a small pool of 1703 windows machines which we can use for release/esr and then we can backout the changes on release/esr and add a small patch to use the old windows worker.

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