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Can't quicksearch for a term that's used as a bug alias


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Steps to reproduce:

I searched "video" to find out whether Firefox can inspect, block, kill, and permanently kill pop-up videos. (I don't enjoy migraines.)

Actual results:

I got redirected to:

Bug 382267 (video)
Implement WHATWG Video spec

Expected results:

Maybe "video" would have returned too many results, but this doesn't help.

"kill video" doesn't show relevant results.

I bet this will be handled by some of the search UX kohei is planning, so I won't speculate on how to improve that at the moment.
But the immediate issue, quoting "video" will do what you want.

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I think the current Quick Search behaviour can be fixed so words won’t match aliases. Bug # is probably fine, but words should not be treated as aliases. Instead, we can show any matched bugs in the dropdown list I’m developing in Bug 1472565.

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Basically this bug can be solved by removing this line: Bugzilla/Search/

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This could be solved by adding a URL param like redirect_alias=0 only to the quick search forms.

Assignee: kohei.yoshino → nobody
Duplicate of this bug: 1650500

bug 1640769 defines this better

(In reply to MarjaE from comment #8)

bug 1640769 defines this better

I agree. Here's the description from bug 1640769:

Aliases are great to name important bugs, but sometimes they get in the way of doing real searches.

E.g., If I wanted to search for bugs that mention "tsan", I'd get from to the same page as (i.e., just one bug, instead of the list I expected).
And from there, if I really wanted to search for bugs that mention "tsan", I would need to click "Advanced Search", type "tsan" again and enter. It's fairly simple, but it can be a little frustrating, especially with common words.

So I would suggest that when landing on a bug from a quicksearch with an alias, there should be a link near the top, saying something like "<word> is an alias for this bug. If you want to do a search for bugs mentioning <word>, click here".

Bonus: Maybe it could be an option to "quicksearch", so it's easy to create a keyword-search in Firefox?

Also updating the summary to better reflect the issue and make it more searchable (ironically)

Summary: Can't search for "video" to find all relevant bugs → Can't quicksearch for a term that's used as a bug alias

Also, it's not clearly mentioned on this bug, you only figure it out if you follow the change history:

This got resolved once by making QuickSearch not resolve standalone aliases.
That broke a lot of people who depended on that functionality, so it was backed out as part of bug 1540245, and this bug was then reopened.

Personally I kind of like the idea proposed by :gerald on bug 1640769 to just go directly to the aliased bug like we used to (still?) do, and add a box at the top to re-run the quicksearch as an actual search. This would probably involve adding a URL param to quicksearch which would tell it to ignore alias resolution, which could be tacked on in the link in the disambiguation box. I suppose quicksearch would need to do something like tacking on "fromquicksearch=1" on the URL when it redirects to the bug, and then show_bug can set/clear a cookie around redirecting to itself to get rid of the param and display the box.

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