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[meta] Allow Firefox/session managers to manage multiple sessions at the same time


(Firefox :: Session Restore, enhancement, P3)





(Reporter: robert_abc3, Unassigned)


(Depends on 4 open bugs, Blocks 5 open bugs)


(Keywords: meta)

Firefox or its session manager extension should be able to manage multiple sessions at the same time. New session(s) could be opened and added to the list of previously opened session(s) in Firefox at any time.

These sessions could also be closed and saved individually. All sessions left opened in Firefox should be saved automatically periodically and during exiting the browser. The same set of sessions should be proposed for opening when the browser is started.

Firefox or its extension should remember names (given by user) of opened session(s) (and use these names during automatic savings of session(s) together with information about time of saving; or suggest the name during manual saving of session).

Multiple previous saved session versions should be remember, not just the last version.

More information about this proposal is described in comments 1-6.

=> This bug is alternative simpler proposal to Bug 1524948 (bug description + comments 1-6).
=> Bug 1528604 - WebExtension API based on one of two alternative Session Restore bugs: Bug 1528598, or Bug 1524948.

See Also: 1332447

Simple example of new workflow possible after fixing this bug:

  • adding session(s) with multiple windows,
  • adding new window(s) to particular session,
  • closing entire session(s).


Firefox should remember which windows belongs to particular session, and names of sessions. Closing of chosen session should cause also closing windows being a part of particular session.

A(), B(), C(), D(), ... - are example sessions which could correspond to: A - work, B - things to do; C - interests; D - other activities
A1, A2, A3 are example windows in session A

The major benefits of this future would be:

  • session(s) could be added or removed to/from current set of sessions opened in the browser;
  • different sessions could be saved independently from each other and
  • the names of opened sessions should be remembered by Firefox/extension, and these names should be suggested by Firefox/its extension during manual saving of session.

Example in comment 1 is just showing what this new future could provide us.

Firefox or its extension should remember multiple previous sessions. And it should be possible to recover any of earlier sessions. Please, see Bug 1298912 as an example here.

Bug 1524955:

Firefox windows belonging to particular session could be marked by distinct color or icon (with short name) placed next to "List all tabs" (or in other place of windows belonging to particular session), and taskbar buttons corresponding to Firefox windows from the same session could be marked by the same color.

Depends on: 1524955

Bug 1235231:

Currently, windows in session are restored in random order. It makes more difficult to navigate in Firefox windows and tabs. This bug should be fixed.

Depends on: 1235231

Bug 1524959:

It should be possible to assign entire session/window to particular container, and to make all tabs opened in particular session/window a part of specific container.

Depends on: 1524959
No longer blocks: 1232178
See Also: 1357214

Can this proposal about multiple sessions be included in Session Restore before session management API preparation (Bug 1427928, Bug 1528604)? Currently, there is a big project on the way (Fission - Bug 1451850) containing two parts related to SessionStore: Bug 1474130 (Convert content-sessionStore to C++), Bug 1467221 ([meta] Fission Session History Work). Possibly multiple sessions could be added to this project?

Flags: needinfo?(mdeboer)
See Also: → 1445464
See Also: 1445464
Flags: needinfo?(nika)

(In reply to Robert Ab from comment #7)

Possibly multiple sessions could be added to this project?

Multiple sessions are out of scope for Fission.

Flags: needinfo?(nika)
Flags: needinfo?(mdeboer)
No longer blocks: Session_managers
See Also: → 1542189
See Also: → 1509350
Priority: -- → P3
Summary: Allow Firefox/session managers to manage multiple sessions at the same time → [meta] Allow Firefox/session managers to manage multiple sessions at the same time
Keywords: meta
Blocks: cuts-control
Blocks: cuts-addons
See Also: → 662025
See Also: 662025
Duplicate of this bug: 1591379
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