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Support clipping to the visibleRect and applying scaling from CSS transforms to OOP-iframes


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Priority: -- → P3
Depends on: 1519546

visibleRect should affect both WR/layers, and scaling will only affect

Depends on D34523

This is suboptimal for when we simply change the visibleRect of an OOP-iframe,
which could happen when scrolling over a very tall iframe, but is very easy
to make sure is working correctly.

Depends on D34525

The root displayport has some assumptions built into it about being positioned at
the origin and sized to the composition bounds that seem like they only apply to
the cross process root content document. This commit changes us to avoid taking
this code path for OOP-iframes.

Depends on D34526

Even if we don't have a root displayport, the composition size is still used for
displayport margins calculations. For extremely tall iframes, this will create
a displayport that is way to big. We should instead report a composition size that
is equivalent to the visible rect for OOP-iframes.

Depends on D34527

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Add visibleRect and scaling to EffectsInfo and compute them when using layers. r=mattwoodrow
Apply visibleRect and scaling when painting. r=mattwoodrow
Only initialize the root displayport for the cross process root content document. r=kats
Restrict the composition size to the visibleRect for OOP-iframes. r=kats
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