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[meta] Consolidate prefs data files


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We have prefs spread across more than a dozen prefs data files. Most of them are in modules/libpref/init/all.js. There are some app-specific ones in mobile/android/app/mobile.js and browser/app/profile/firefox.js, which are reasonable.

But there are also a bunch that not app-specific. There's no real benefit for them to be separate from all.js, and having them separate just makes them harder to find. I think they should be merged into all.js.

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Summary: Consolidate prefs data files → [meta] Consolidate prefs data files

Likely candidates for consolidation (due to unconditional inclusion):

  • devtools/: devtools-shared.js, devtools-client.js, devtools-startup.js, webide.js, debugger.js
  • services/: services-sync.js, services-common.js
  • remote/: remote.js
  • toolkit/: datareporting-prefs.js and healthreport-prefs.js
  • testing/: marionette.js

Less likely candidates for consolidation (due to app-specific conditional inclusion):

  • App-specific: firefox.js, mobile.js, geckoview-prefs.js
  • firefox-branding.js (four of them, could go into firefox.js instead?)

Less likely candidates for consolidation (due to these files involving deep magic):

Depends on: 1572336

See bug 1554690 for an example where having a separate prefs file for Marionette prefs caused confusion, so much so that some critical browser features were accidentally disabled in Nightly!

I haven't explained my motivation for these changes as well as I could have. Let me try again.

We have some app-specific prefs files that are included conditionally into the relevant app, and aren't under consideration for this bug: firefox.js, mobile.js, geckoview-prefs.js, and mobile-l10n.js. We also have some channel-specific prefs files that aren't under consideration: channel-prefs.js and firefox-branding.js. Finally, we have various testing prefs files, which must remain separate.

That leaves the following prefs files, containing "unconditional prefs" that are included into all products and channels unconditionally. I have marked each one with the number of prefs it contains.

  71    devtools/client/preferences/debugger.js [*]
 189    devtools/client/preferences/devtools-client.js [*]
   9    devtools/client/webide/preferences/webide.js [*]
  25    devtools/shared/preferences/devtools-shared.js
   4    devtools/startup/preferences/devtools-startup.js
2523    modules/libpref/init/all.js
   3    remote/pref/remote.js
   3    services/common/services-common.js
  46    services/sync/services-sync.js
   7    testing/marionette/prefs/marionette.js
   8    toolkit/components/telemetry/datareporting-prefs.js
   2    toolkit/components/telemetry/healthreport-prefs.js

[*] (I subsequently learned that these ones are Firefox only, and so would go into firefox.js instead of all.js, but the arguments below still hold.)

We have something close to a monolithic system -- 87% of the unconditional prefs are in all.js. I want to move the remaining 13% of prefs into all.js, for the following reasons.

  • It is simpler. Fewer files, and fewer mentions of files (in files, in .prettierignore, in .eslintignore, in package manifests, etc.)
  • It is more consistent, and less surprising. Fewer exceptional cases.
  • It's already underway. Bug 1571934 moved 72 prefs from security/manager/ssl/security-prefs to all.js.
  • There is no mechanism to enforce any kind of pref namespacing. So even if you want to keep all of the prefs in a particular group separate, it's hard to do so. E.g. there are some devtools.* prefs in all.js. And before bug 1571934 landed, some security.* prefs were defined in all.js and some were in security-prefs.js.
  • It's less error-prone.
    • In bug 1542244, one developer didn't realize that testing/marionette/prefs/marionette.js defined prefs that shipped in Firefox. He instead thought it defined prefs only used in tests. (Understandable, given that the file only contains 7 prefs.) He added some prefs to disable two critical browser features, resulting in those features being temporarily disabled in Nightly builds.
    • Prior to bug 1571934, the security.tls.enable_0rtt_data pref was defined twice, once as true in all.js, and once as false in security-prefs.js. Fortunately, the definition from all.js ended up being read second so the feature was enabled as expected, but this more by luck than design.

Possible arguments against consolidation, with my pre-emptive rebuttals.

  • I like having the prefs for my component separate.
    • I believe that. But only a handful of components currently have that luxury, and I believe the consistency argument is stronger. Also, we've seen in practice that keeping prefs separate is difficult and error-prone.
  • We could add a mechanism to enforce separation.
    • Yes, but that would add complexity. libpref is already far more complex than I would like, and many of my efforts since I took over as module owner two years ago have been toward making it simpler. Consolidating these files is another simplification step.
  • Wouldn't a modular system be better, with one pref file per component?
    • Perhaps. But we are a long way from that situation now. It would be a large amount of work to convert to a fully modular system, which would likely have 100s of prefs files, and I think the benefits would be small relative to the amount of effort. So a fully modular system isn't realistic. Given the realistic choice between a fully monolithic system and a mostly-monolithic system, a fully monolithic system is better for the reasons I gave above.
  • all.js is a cryptic name.
    • That's a fair point. We could rename it, perhaps as base-prefs.js. It's mentioned in quite a few places, including in comm-central, so care would be needed, but it should be possible.
Depends on: 1572582
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After consolidation, here are the remaining non-test prefs files.


Bug 1576546 will ensure they all have comments explaining why they exist.

Depends on: 1576546

All dependent bugs are finished.

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