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Revisit the skip-list workarounds for bug 1590293 when that experiment finishes


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(Reporter: englehardt, Assigned: englehardt)


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These skip-list entries were shipped for the experiment described in Bug 1590149. The specific records related to this experiment are:

0: Object { schema: 1571936080266, feature: "fingerprinting-protection", pattern: ",*", … }
2: Object { schema: 1571936118321, feature: "fingerprinting-protection", pattern: ",*", … }
3: Object { schema: 1571936035244, feature: "fingerprinting-protection", pattern: ",*", … }
4: Object { schema: 1571936002704, feature: "fingerprinting-protection", pattern: ",*", … }
5: Object { schema: 1571936145819, feature: "fingerprinting-protection", pattern: ",*", … }

We can decide when to revert these changes depending on the results of the experiment and our fingerprinting blocking shipment plans.

No longer depends on: 1581120
No longer blocks: 1580416
Depends on: 1590149
Depends on: 1588543

We've decided to remove the skiplist entries for,, and prior to the Firefox 72 release. The remaining skiplist entries from and will be kept temporarily while we work through breakage issues with the respective companies. That work is tracked in Bug 1599124 and Bug 1590077, respectively.

I'll submit a change on remote settings to remove the three entries listed above and file follow-up bugs for the remaining entries.

Assignee: nobody → senglehardt

I've removed the skiplist entries for,, and in stage and verified in Firefox release. I also verified that the entries for and are still active. Moving to prod now.

See Also: → 1606144

I've verified the updates to PROD and filed Bug 1606144 and Bug 1606146 to track the remaining interventions.

See Also: → 1606146
Closed: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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