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Remove support for CPOWs and sendRpcMessage from message managers


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AFAICT we don't have any actual consumers left. I have a green-ish trypush.

The dependency on bug 1614462 is not a very strong one; it's just that the first patch removes support for the extra principal argument, and so it touches some of the same code.

dom.js and listener.js pass around target pointing to an event target,
using CPOWs, but the implementation of WebElementEventTarget then always
overrides that with this anyway, so there's no point. This change removes
the handling of objects/target.

Depends on D71512

This commit:

  • removes sendRpcMessage, which was unused;
  • removes the CPOW argument to sendAsyncMessage, broadcastAsyncMessage, and
  • removes the aIsSync argument used internally to distinguish sendRpcMessage
    and sendSyncMessage;
  • removes CPOW tests;
  • updates the few remaining callsites that use more than 2 arguments in
    sendAsyncMessage for the removal of the cpows argument.

Depends on D71513

Blocks: 1351512
Blocks: 1590090
Blocks: 1631792
Pushed by
remove traces of CPOWs from devtools, r=jdescottes,loganfsmyth
remove traces of CPOWs from browser/, testing/ and toolkit/, r=mconley
make it clearer we don't use CPOWs in pwmgr code, r=jaws
remove CPOW handling in marionette r=marionette-reviewers,whimboo
remove CPOW support in the message manager, r=mccr8
Component: IPC → DOM: Content Processes
Blocks: 1632264
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