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Telemetry instrumentation of about:pioneer UI


(Firefox :: Pioneer, task, P1)

Firefox 83



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firefox82 - wontfix
firefox83 --- fix-optional


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1653145 +++

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As the Pioneer team, we want to understand how users navigate our UI so that we can improve the UX

  • COMPLETE: Telemetry instruments a count of users who have a value in the Pioneer ID preference, but does not include that ID itself. (this allows an aggregate count but does not insert the Pioneer Id into telemetry itself)
  • Mozilla can calculate the size of Pioneer panel, including conventional usage numbers: MAU, WAU, DAU, etc
  • Mozilla can understand how “typical” Pioneer panel looks vs. normal users strictly on the basis of their telemetry behavior
  • Add telemetry on opt-in rates (user landings to About: pioneer, opt-in to each join button for studies, panel, etc. so we can see opt-in rates
  • Add telemetry to all Join/Leave buttons in the UI.
  • Add telemetry to the inline data management links.
  • For all modals (joining and leaving pioneer, joining and leaving studies) instrument the display of the modal plus any button clicks on accept vs. cancel
  • (Note there is a specific telemetry story for the consent notice acceptances which requires a timestamp: )
Priority: P1 → P3

Adding Alessio to this one. We can look at it for the next cycle (82.b)

Assignee: nobody → alessio.placitelli

moving this to 82. We'll make sure we have full coverage for our growth analytics when we do the full GTM.

Priority: P3 → P1
Version: Firefox 81 → Firefox 82

[Tracking Requested - why for this release]: We need these improvements to adequately measure how users traverse the UI.

82 is on beta, presumably this won't make it at this point.

Version: Firefox 82 → Firefox 83
Assignee: alessio.placitelli → nobody
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