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Make use of a webprogress listener instead of page load events for tracking active navigations


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(Depends on 2 open bugs, Blocks 3 open bugs)


With bug 1612831 all the navigation commands will only operate on the parent process. That means no IPC communication will happen between the driver and the listener framescript. By doing that it retains the logic for waiting of the navigation to complete by using the page load events as sent by the framescript.

For a better handling and to finally get rid of the framescript at all, those checks need to be done in the parent process as best via the webprogress listener interface as available on each browsing context.

But before doing that we should get all the navigation tests updates first (see bug 1650132).

Fission Milestone: --- → M7
Whiteboard: [marionette-fission-mvp] → [marionette-fission-mvp][complex]

Given the complexity of this change I would suggest to try the minimal approach by using the events via a JSWindowActor implementation. I filed bug 1673823 for that.

With the framescript code gone we would only have to implement that for actors. So lets block on bug 1669172.

Depends on: 1669172

Also it would be good to have full support for bfcache (bug 1673059) before doing that change.

Depends on: 1673059

With all the recent work on the different Marionette actors the current way how navigations are handled works pretty fine, and doesn't cause any trouble with Fission. Moving over to a webprogress listener is complex, and can cause lots of side-effects / regressions, which do not outweigh any benefits from doing that now.

Whiteboard: [marionette-fission-mvp][complex]
No longer blocks: marionette-fission
Fission Milestone: M7 → ---
Summary: Move checks for active navigation from page load events to webprogress listener → Make use of a webprogress listener instead of page load events for tracking active navigations
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