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[Metabug] Omnibus experiment foxfooding feedback


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Firefox 81




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This is a makeshift metabug to track all the feedback we get as part of the Foxfooding program for Omnibus experiment.


Depends on: 1666629
Depends on: 1667144
Depends on: 1667197

Depends on : 1667239

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Depends on: 1667465
Depends on: 1667458
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Is this bug here also there for giving feedback about the “Firefox Omnibus Foxfooding experiment” community campaign?

I'll just assume this now and write some words:
So, first of all nice campaign and great idea IMHO. Actively asking people to test things is a nice way.
What was good: You provided detailed and (with somewhat little technical background) easy to grasp explanations. The STR ("How to test") document was valuable and IMHO the most important part of the whole test, because otherwise I would not have known what is new and what I should actually test.
What should be done better:

  • Next time, maybe increase the time span you offer on your page. September 24 - September 27, 2020 was a little to short for me, so I had some delay and could only do that today. I hope this was not bad – technically I could still do it today. :)
  • You should explain the difference between treatment and control on your page before asking users to download one of the files. After all, I first have to decide which group I want to test to choose which file to download.
  • one nitpick: I have no idea what RSVP is/should mean.
  • another one: "An existing profile can make certain kinds of testing easier" – hmm, which kinds?? Opening a video should be as easy as always.
  • for simple user.js files you really could provide a direct download link instead of a huge Google Drive preview.
    As for the changes, where I did not report bugs: They worked wonderful! Thanks for these, some may be small, but they totally improve the overall experience!
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