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The color of the checkmark is blue and the background of the checkbox is white from the "Remove all <no of logins> logins?" dialog


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85 Branch
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firefox83 --- unaffected
firefox84 --- unaffected
firefox85 --- verified


(Reporter: srosu, Assigned: tgiles)


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[Affected versions]:

  • Firefox Nightly 85.0a1 (Build ID: 20201119095716)

[Affected Platforms]:

  • Mac 10.15.6
  • Windows 10 x64
  • Ubuntu 20.04 x64.


  • Have the latest version of Firefox Nightly installed.
  • Have a Firefox profile with at least one login saved.

[Steps to reproduce]:

  1. Open the Firefox browser with the profile from prerequisites.
  2. Navigate to the "about:logins" page.
  3. Click on the Menu button.
  4. Select the “Remove All Logins…” option.
  5. Tick the "Yes, remove these logins." checkbox.
  6. Observe the colors of the checkmark and the background of the checkbox.

[Expected result]:

  • The color of the checkmark is white, and the color of the background is blue.
    [Actual result]:
  • The checkmark has a blue color and the background of the checkbox is white.


  • This issue is reproducible for all types of dialog.
  • Attached a screenshot with the issue.

I believe this is expected behavior, pulling in Katie to confirm this behavior. It might be divergent from the UX spec listed on the remove all logins ticket, but some changes were made that are not reflected in that UX spec.

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Blocks: 1679115
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No longer regressed by: 1613620

Another good catch - the checkmark box should match other checkboxes components in the ui (like in about:preferences), which they do. However, from what I understand, these components should match the photon design system (as mentioned in the "Expected Results") with the blue background, and they currently don't. I'll have to consult with the design systems team.
[Leaving my NI until I have an update.]

ok - got info. Checkbox should match photon (blue background, please see This element can be found in Save Bookmark doorhanger.

Tim, please update. Simona, good catch!

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Attachment #9191374 - Attachment description: Bug 1678333 - Fix checkbox colors to match Photon spec. r=sfoster,jaws → Bug 1678333 - Fix checkbox and radio buttons to match Photon spec. r=sfoster,jaws
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Fix checkbox and radio buttons to match Photon spec. r=desktop-theme-reviewers,ntim,dao
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I have verified this issue and is no longer reproducible using the latest Firefox Nightly 85.0a1 (Build ID: 20201211093444) on Windows 10 x64, Ubuntu 20.04 and Mac 10.15.7.

  • The color of the checkmark is white, and the color of the background is blue.
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Component: about:logins → Themes
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
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