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Remove illustrations on error pages


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Illustrations on error pages used to align with the whismical goals of Photon.
Proton intends to bring a modern and fresh touch to the user experience which the current illustrations on error pages do not align with.

Acceptance criteria

  • Remove illustrations on the following pages
    ---URL does not exist (test case: type https://www.gggfff.cvf/)
    ---Tab crash
    ---Refresh was succesfully completed
    --- Incorrectly formatted URL (test case: about:doesnotexist)
    ---Session restore failure
  • Ensure resulting layout remains correct (please connect with Proton UX once there is a test build so UX can validate the result)

Illustrations of the error pages for all scenarios above:

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The Google document with the illustrations is restricted. Could it be opened up so we can see the plans?

(In reply to B.J. Herbison from comment #1)

The Google document with the illustrations is restricted. Could it be opened up so we can see the plans?

The document doesn't show how the pages are going to look, it just lists various the error pages (the same as listed in comment 0 here) with screenshots showing their existing look.

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i find the illustrations funny and quite modern. it's nice to have a small illustration to accompany the respective error, plain lifeless text was the norm back in the early 00s.

keep them.

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Attachment #9209900 - Attachment description: Bug 1693815 - Remove illustrations on error pages r=emalysz → WIP: Bug 1693815 - Remove illustrations on error pages r=emalysz
Attachment #9209900 - Attachment description: WIP: Bug 1693815 - Remove illustrations on error pages r=emalysz → Bug 1693815 - Remove illustrations on error pages r=emalysz

I spoke with product, and we discussed also removing the illustration from about:restartRequired

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Remove illustrations on error pages r=emalysz
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As a Firefox user: I hate this change so much. First of all - I like those cheering up illustrations when something goes wrong, they are great to reduce stress.

What is more, and more much important in my opinion. Those illustrations were giving visual indication what is wrong faster than reading - and as reading is difficult for some persons (for example with learning disabilities). I am neurodiverse person - ADHD (and ASD) - and having visual indication in this form were making my life much easier - it helped me to focus my attention and relieve stress I am more prone than neurotypical person. For me this change is just ablaistic.

Also some other persons wont know technical terms in description. This is discriminating less educated persons, I always saw this little dino and bear as something helpful to them to learn.

This change is just really sad, making persons life more complicated because of "professionalism" or "clean look" - and as it looked really clean and professional before I just do not understand why it is even considered.

I really hope than this change can be reconsidered.

This is a real shame, the little illustrations give Firefox a little levity and character. Not only that, they are pretty memorable, one of the features that stick in my head as unique to Firefox.

Please give us the option to keep/reactivate them after the update.
It may be a minor thing, but the dino really makes FF feel a bit friendlier (and it looks better than chrome's blocky one)

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