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Ship v29.0.0 of the WebCompat System Addon


(Web Compatibility :: Interventions, task)


(firefox96 fixed)

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firefox96 --- fixed


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Version 29 of the WebCompat SAO should ride the Firefox 96 train, which is scheduled to be frozen at 2021-12-02.

Blocks: 1740542
No longer blocks: 1740542
Depends on: 1740542
Depends on: 1650292
Depends on: 1741234
Depends on: 1741892
Depends on: 1743041
Depends on: 1743429
Depends on: 1743431
Depends on: 1743433
Depends on: 1743445
Depends on: 1743614
Depends on: 1743627
Depends on: 1743745
Depends on: 1743751
Depends on: 1743754
No longer depends on: 1743433
No longer depends on: 1650292

There is a known regression on mobile for about:compat, see bug 1744026. I'll land this anyway to get the new interventions out - and I'll request uplifting a patch as soon as it is ready.

Regressions: 1744026

I've queued landing mozilla-central, but I'll hold off with submitting an android-components PR until the visual issue is fixed. IMO, this is the best balance between shipping new interventions to our users in Desktop Beta, and not causing potential issues with users of android-components based browsers. :)

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Ship v29.0.0 of the WebCompat Interventions Addon. r=ksenia,webcompat-reviewers
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Submitted a PR to android-components which includes the about:compat fixes for mobile.

See Also: → 1755941
See Also: 1755941
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