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[meta] Replace the XUL trees in Thunderbird with something better


(Thunderbird :: General, task)


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(Reporter: darktrojan, Unassigned)


(Depends on 4 open bugs, Blocks 1 open bug)


(Keywords: meta)

Sooner or later, we'll want to be rid of XUL trees, either because they're being removed from the code, or because we're getting rid of XUL altogether. We have quite a few of them, some of which are tables like the thread pane, most of which are more like simple lists.

This is a meta bug for their removal. We're not in any rush, so I won't be filing lots of bugs to do all the work now, but it will be handy to tie the work together for reference.

Depends on: 1716926
Depends on: 1724842
Depends on: 1724843
Depends on: 1725088
Depends on: 1727723
Blocks: 1697999

I posted on TB discussion forum, but also adding a link here for a possible replacement candidate:

We have a replacement.

We do? Go tell, please! That would be fantastic, assuming it works as well and as fast as the XUL trees.

Depends on: 1733887
Blocks: 1730423
Depends on: 1783501
Depends on: 1811139
Depends on: 1811408
Depends on: 1819010

The most difficult places have been converted (to using our tree-view custom element).
Remaining ones should be relatively straight forward (though not quite piece of cake):

Beware of outdated comments and dead code.

Depends on: 1850893
See Also: → 1860031
Depends on: 1890731
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