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Enable Fission pref by default in Firefox 96


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(Reporter: cpeterson, Unassigned)


(Blocks 2 open bugs, )


(Whiteboard: [fission:m96])

The Fission rollout will enroll Firefox 94 and 95 users. We will pref on Fission by default in Firefox 96.

The rollout sets the fission.experiment.enrollmentStatus pref = 4. This bug needs to:

  1. Set the default pref fission.autostart = true.
  2. Remove the now-unneeded experiment prefs fission.experiment.enrollmentStatus and fission.experiment.startupEnrollmentStatus and supporting code.
  3. Remove Fission from about:preferences#experimental. This was added in by bug 1652134.
  4. Add our rollout slug (fission-release-rollout) to this list of graduated rollouts (GRADUATION_SET) here (because we're using different prefs for the rollout and enabling by default):

The rollout slug will need to stay in the graduation set forever. If a user gets enrolled in the rollout in Firefox 95, stops using it for a while, and then starts using the browser again in a version > 96, then we want to make sure that the Normandy instruction to graduate from the rollout is still present in versions > 96.

See Also: → 1652134
Depends on: 1736859

Hsin-Yi and I realized this will need to block on bug 1736859. It's on Releng's expedite track and we're hoping to have it done before the 96 merge day.

Blocks: 1742869
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