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[META] Implement CSS container queries


(Core :: CSS Parsing and Computation, enhancement)





(Reporter: sebo, Unassigned)


(Depends on 17 open bugs, Blocks 10 open bugs, )


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This bug is a meta-bug for the implementation of CSS container queries introduced in CSS Containment Module Level 3.


Depends on: 1744223
Depends on: 1744224
Depends on: 1744228
Depends on: 1744229
Depends on: 1744231
Depends on: 1757837
Blocks: 1770908
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Blocks: 1769236
Depends on: 1772174
No longer depends on: 1772174
No longer depends on: 1744229
Depends on: 1772547
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Depends on: 1777733
See Also: → 1776679
Depends on: 1784818
Blocks: 1785818
Blocks: 1786771
Depends on: 1789896
Depends on: 1790495
Depends on: 1790652
Depends on: 1790886

FWIW, Chromium 106 and Safari 16 (both released last month) have full support, according to caniuse:

Depends on: 1796166
Depends on: 1794040
Depends on: 1803928
Depends on: 1804066
Depends on: 1804126
Depends on: 1804247
Depends on: 1804406
Depends on: 1804458
Depends on: 1804696
Depends on: 1805106
Depends on: 1805588
Depends on: 1805898
Depends on: 1806273
Depends on: 1806322
Depends on: 1806898
Depends on: 1807644
Depends on: 1807645
Depends on: 1807676
Depends on: 1807795
Depends on: 1807971

Hi is there an update on this? I've tried loading in Firefox 108.0.1 and Firefox developer edition 109.0b8 and have been unsuccessful in seeing container queries working. The same websites works fine in chrome and IE.

The implementation of container queries is happening behind the preference layout.css.container-queries.enabled, which you can enable via about:config. That flag is also enabled by default on Firefox Nightly (currently 110.0a1).

Note that this is a meta-issue. The actual implementation happens in the bugs linked to under the "Depends on" label. You can also have a look at the dependency tree.


Thank you Sebastian that has been very helpful!

Is there plans to add this by default to future Firefox browsers? Also do you know if there is a thread or release documentation detailing these plans?


(In reply to cassiemagee23 from comment #5)

Is there plans to add this by default to future Firefox browsers?

The implementation of the feature is actively been worked on, so yes.

Also do you know if there is a thread or release documentation detailing these plans?

Normally, the people working on a new feature post a note in the group outlining an "Intent to implement" and later an "Intent to ship". Though that didn't happen for container queries, yet, as far as I can see.
Emilio, shouldn't at least the implementation be annouced in the group? And should a bug be created for shipping this feature?


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Flags: needinfo?(emilio)
No longer blocks: interop-2023
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No longer blocks: 1760446
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