Open Bug 1844847 (deprecate-message-bar) Opened 8 months ago Updated 5 months ago

[meta] Deprecate message-bar in favor of moz-message-bar


(Toolkit :: UI Widgets, task)





(Reporter: hjones, Unassigned)


(Depends on 2 open bugs, Blocks 1 open bug)


(Keywords: meta)

Once the new moz-message-bar component is more or less complete/ready to use we should start using it in places where we're currently using the older message-bar element. Once message-bar is no longer being used we can remove all the associated code (component file, stories, etc.)

We can track removing message-bar from different places in the codebase via additional bugs filed under this metabug. There are a number of additional places in the app where we can use the moz-message-bar component to replace existing UI elements that look like a message bars, but don't actually use the message-bar component. Those tasks will be tracked separately as they have no bearing on our ability to remove the old message-bar code from the codebase.

Summary: Deprecate message-bar in favor of moz-message-bar → [meta] Deprecate message-bar in favor of moz-message-bar
Depends on: 1844848
Depends on: 1844850
Depends on: 1845109
Depends on: 1845110
Depends on: 1845113
Depends on: 1845120
Depends on: 1845123
Depends on: 1845148
Depends on: 1845150
Depends on: 1845151
Depends on: 1844783
Depends on: 1850426
Depends on: 1851877
Depends on: 1855471
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