Open Bug 1837469 (moz-message-bar) Opened 1 year ago Updated 2 months ago

[meta] moz-message-bar Reusable Component


(Toolkit :: UI Widgets, task)





(Reporter: hjones, Unassigned)


(Depends on 3 open bugs, Blocks 1 open bug)


(Keywords: meta)

We would like to create a new moz-message-bar reusable web component to replace the existing message-bar custom element.

The current message-bar implementation has a few issues that we would like to address:

  • It has an explicit dependency on in-content/common.css and ends up pulling those styles into the chrome via it's inclusion in notificationbox.js and in the unified extensions UI.
  • The colors/styles haven't been updated in a while and don't really match the rest of the Firefox UI. There are also accessibility issues with the contrast between the buttons and the message bar background for a few of the variants.
  • We have redundant message bar implementations - i.e. elements that look and act almost exactly like message bars, but which have re-implemented the markup and styling in different ways instead of using the message-bar element.

In order to be able to address these issues incrementally we will take the approach of first building a new moz-message-bar component then gradually using it to replace current instances of message-bar and message-bar-like elements.

Depends on: 1838222
Depends on: 1838223
Depends on: 1838225
Depends on: 1839648
Depends on: 1840396
Depends on: 1841870
Depends on: 1841872
Depends on: 1843133
Depends on: 1844852
Depends on: 1844783
No longer depends on: 1844783
Depends on: 1845541
Depends on: 1848012
Depends on: 1852581
Depends on: 1853940
Depends on: 1856717
Depends on: 1862253
Depends on: 1869065
Depends on: 1869922
Depends on: 1894535
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