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[meta] Tab strip for tablet improvements


(Fenix :: Tabs, enhancement, P2)



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(Reporter: rsainani, Unassigned)


(Depends on 3 open bugs, Blocks 1 open bug)


(Keywords: meta, Whiteboard: [fxdroid] [group4])

Bug 1875465 was the first step to add tab strip support. As that doesn't cover all the functionalities expected from tab strip, this bug will be a central place to list all the missing functionalities and related bugs.

Depends on: 1875465
Depends on: 1882106
Depends on: 1882107
Depends on: 1882108
Depends on: 1882111
Whiteboard: [fxdroid] [group4]
Depends on: 1883065
Depends on: 1883621
Depends on: 1884891
Depends on: 1887613
Depends on: 1887828
Depends on: 1887829
See Also: → 1812872

Tabs on strip do not show site title of website when clicking on a link within website. Page needs to reload in order for website title to show correct again.

Depends on: 1892203
Depends on: 1896355
Depends on: 1901322

There are sites that I noticed the tab strip no longer hides the toolbar. On my company website for example, I cannot use Nightly due to the comment section, I am unable to view now, due to Toolbar not hiding. It's cutoff on the bottom,

Thanks for the info Kaoxt. What's the behaviour on phone on those websites? Could you please share the websites where this happens?

It appears on my company site,

I believe it may happen on any site using the unily platform. It has a navigation in place on top and bottom that's in the same spot regardless of scrolling. When putting browser into desktop view it does not have the same issue and the toolbar does hide. The navigation that stays in the same spot in mobile view goes away in desktop view. It appears to happen only in mobile view.

I am using a Pixel Tablet.

Please see 1903103

Depends on: 1903103
Depends on: 1905393
Depends on: 1906491
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