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add number of unread messages next to (collapsed) account name


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Thunderbird 24.0


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Build Identifier: Mozilla Thunderbird 0.5 (20040207)

it would be useful to have a number of unread messages in parentesis next to
account name. it's useful if someone has many accounts and the folder list is

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I second this.

Since I have 12 different accounts, it is quite a hassle to have to check each
one manually instead of just skimming over a collapsed list.

(Thunderbird 0.7.3 Windows build)
I third this :)
In general, the unread count should roll up to parent folders.
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Summary: add number of unread messages next to account name → add number of unread messages next to (collapsed) account name
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I am experiencing the same inflated numbers (50,000+) of unread messages. I downloaded the latest version and I'm experiencing the same problem.  This has caused long delays in downloading new mail messages. I tried compacting the folder and it did not help.  Does anyone have a solution?
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Indeed, really needed to propagate unread count to folded parent folder/account
when you have many accounts / folders in them and they cannot fit your screen.
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I believe this is a very usefull feature. Any chance we can get it into a release soon?
Hi I right now (2011) started using thunderbird (version 6.0) and I am exactly looking for the feature described here. If you have several IMAP accounts you really need thunderbird to show if there is new mail in one of the accounts without having manually to open the folder view each of the accounts in sequence.

The grouped folder view is close to but "no cigar" in that you see all your inboxes at one glance but the folders you wants to move a new mail to are still far away because the common folders are listes first. I tried it buts its not a real solution.

Another starting point was to configute thunderbird via userChrome.css so that the color of an imap account with new mail changes:

#folderTree > treechildren::-moz-tree-cell-text(isServer-true, biffState-NewMail) {
           color: red !important;
           font-weight: bold !important;

This would be a good solution, but it only works in biff-way. So if there is new mail and you restart thunderbird, then afterwards there is still new unread mail but its not signaled in the color of the imap account any longer. 

I come from kmail where this feature has long been implemented and I really miss it.

Hope to see a solution in the next releases.

This was something recently requested by me as seen here: 

With what should be an easy codin job for a good coder I don't see why this hasn't been implemented yet when all it is is adding the inbox's unread message count next to the collapsed accounts name

Ex. (0) = No new msgs / (3) = 3 New messages etc. etc. etc.
Mistakingly forgot the link to the post I mentioned:
Agreed, I wish this feature was present.  The unified folders view works pretty well though.
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you need to ask for review from a reviewer, someone like mconley.  (feedback should also be set to someone other than yourself ;)).
I think the patch also adds the count to any folder that has subfolders having unread messages. Is that really wanted?
I think adding totals summarizing subfolders without marking it is a summary, may confuse users.
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Yes, it adds counts to folders that have subfolders having unread messages. However, the counts are only added if the folder is collapsed. It seems more natural to me that collapsed folders indicate the total sum of unread mails.

But the patch does certainly cover more than the bug reporter initially liked to fix.
Comment on attachment 745677 [details] [diff] [review]
Added unread message count to collapsed folders

Review of attachment 745677 [details] [diff] [review]:

I like this change. Let's do it. Thanks Travis!
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howdy y'all,

is there going to be a way to test for unread msgs via something like the code posted in comment 18?

i read thru the bug and didn't see any mention of that, so i am asking now. it would help if many of the properties for a normal folder were available at the account name level. especially things like (closed, subfoldersHaveUnreadMessages-true).

take care,
Hello, I believe this bug was recently fixed, and I wonder if it is related to a regression I see: since long ago and up to TB 17.0.8 my folders with unread messages (and accounts which had some unread messages) were highlighted in bold black and bold blue, respectively. 

Today I've updated to 24.0b2 seeking a fix for another bug, and all folder and account names are now in plain thin black. Individual messages are bold black, as they were.

Quite a mess really - despite having the numbers of unread messages (in the same font), it is not anymore easy to glance and see unread folders - you actually have to read the lines and look for numbers in parentheses.

My TB is connected to a dozen of IMAP accounts, no local accounts at all (if this matters).

I've tried to hack at a userChrome.css, and while I can change the style for individual messages, I can't influence folders. Perhaps the keyword was changed? I saw these two discussed in similar problems' context, but changing them did not fix a thing:

treechildren::-moz-tree-cell-text(hasUnreadMessages-true) { color: #f33 !important }
treechildren::-moz-tree-cell-text(subfoldersHaveUnreadMessages-true) { color: #f33 !important }

So, at the very least, can the fix for the "number of unread" issue be related to, or a cause of, the degradation I am seeing now? Or is it unrelated and another bug should be posted? Really, this should be repaired before the hyped new release ;)
This was never a bug as I understand it and never something that was patched / fixed. 

I can look at 20 of my accounts right now that have mail because their blue instead of black and have no (x) next to them for the undread count. This cound has and is only ever found next to things like the inboxx when the account tree is open.

So this is very much still something I'd like to see added. I mean for gods sake, freakin Hotmail has it on their damn mail program.
@comment 30:

Andrew, which issue do you refer to as unfixed - (not) showing the number of unread messages in collapsed folders and accounts, or (not) highlighting such folders and accounts with bold colored font as I complained yesterday?
And which version of TB do you use?

To be clear, in TB 17.0.8 and all before it i had highlighting for folders and accounts with unread stuff, but counts were only for those folders which directly had unread messages. Collapsed tree items whose children had unread messages were highlighted but did not have number counts (x).

In TB 24.0b2 i have the opposite - numbering works, including collapsed items, but no highlighting in folder tree whatsoever.  To me this is a bad degradation.

Note the collapsed accounts that are blue, thus indicating they have mail but unread count unknown, like the opened account below that just has the new mail cound next to the inbox.

This new mail count inside the () bext to collapsed accounts is what I created a bug post about that I think was mered with this one. Thats the patch / fix I want to see that sooooo many other people want as well that seems to not even be an itch on anyones back to fix.
My apologies, someone pointed out via email I didnt specify version.

I have 17.0.8, everytime I check for updates I get a 17.x.x

Apparently what I said wasnt added is in some 24x branch so color me bewildered.
So I downloaded and am running the 24 beta version. I now see the message count on collapsed trees. But there's a "bug"... it's also adding the count from the trash bins.

So if you got 12 unread in your inbox and 34 unread in your trash then the count shown on the collapsed tree would be 46.
Of course, if the mails in the trash are unread (which isn't really that common i'd think).
So you mark everything read before you delete it ?

I'm sorry but if this isnt a bug then its a joke lol.

Trash bin should be ignored, if unread messages were deleted then they should be ignored by the unread count on collapsed trees.
Messages normally get marked read when you delete them. (Retested now on latest trunk and that's true both for pop and imap.) So i don't know why you would have unread in trash except if you manually mark them as unread there.
Maybe it has to do with the account tyoe them, the acounts used are those from my cPal / web hosting account. Will try with an AOL account an post back.
Thats what it is, non standard account types like AOL, gmail etc.

All mail accounts attached to my diff websites dont mark read before being deleted. That said, it still doesnt make sense to have the unread count from trash tally in the collapsed tree count.
At least my gmail imap account does mark unread as read when deleting.
I have unread deleted messages after remove duplicates action (addon?)
I might guess that use of the same imap by other clients (web, mobile) might also leave deleted or spam messages not marked read - done outside TB's control.
Just in case FYI, I've created a separate bugreport for MY problem - with disappearance of colored bold highlighting of unread folders/accounts here:
On a Gmail IMAP account it does, however, count Inbox + All Mail, which both refer to the same unread messages. So at least All Mail should be ignored, in my opinion.

In addition, it would be nice to have a preference that allows to disable showing this for users who don't need/want to see it. :)
Please file ignoring All Mail when counting totals as a new bug.
(In reply to Matthias Schoettle from comment #43)
> On a Gmail IMAP account it does, however, count Inbox + All Mail, which both
> refer to the same unread messages. So at least All Mail should be ignored,
> in my opinion.
> In addition, it would be nice to have a preference that allows to disable
> showing this for users who don't need/want to see it. :)

With filtering rules and actually using the parent folders as a separate mail store to their subordinates, I got a real fright when my unread counts skyrocketed. I want the ability to see the unread messages in the folder (and not the subfolders) - i.e. the old functionality - at least by choice. Make it a global switch and/or make it available in the properties of a parent folder, maybe?
I have filed bug 918962 for the different problems listed above.
Depends on: 939462
Duplicate of this bug: 135092
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