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OS shutdown sequence freezes due to non-reply from firefox process


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Windows XP
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When i shut down WinXP after having used FireFox, a no-reply from FIREFOX.EXE
causes the shutdown of my pc to halt. Usually this occurs after the security
software (Norton internet security) has ben halted. if i do not choose either
"abort" or "close application", the system just idles in this position untill i
return to it and discover the problem, leaving the PC voulnerable to attacks
from the LAN and internet in the time being (as the security program already has
ben shut down).

Often this happens when Firefox is NOT running, but has ben running during the

Reproducible: Sometimes

Steps to Reproduce:
1. run windows xp pro and firefox. 
2. shut down the pc
3. I cannot reproduce the bug on que, but it happens about one out of 5 times.

Expected Results:  
The software should not even be running as im not using the browser (as in; ive
closed it)
Possibly bug 288394 if you have Java enabled, but there are a few other bugs on
things that leave a Firefox running in the background.
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Keywords: hang
Summary: WinXP pro shutdown sequense freezes due to non-reply from firefox.exe → WinXP pro shutdown sequence freezes due to non-reply from firefox.exe
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This is also reported on Mac (bug 322054 and bug 318078 comment 3).

If it's not a dupe of bug 247827, I couldn't find duplicates. Gilbert and others - do you see a mention of "XPCOM Event Receiver" when Firefox prevents the system from being shut down?
Summary: WinXP pro shutdown sequence freezes due to non-reply from firefox.exe → OS shutdown sequence freezes due to non-reply from firefox process
Whiteboard: DUPEME
Confirming.  XPCOM:EventReceiver is waiting for input on shutting down computer.  This happened with a new profile.

Fx was not running when this happened, although I cannot be sure that there was not still a Fx process without a visible window.

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.8.1) Gecko/20061010 Firefox/2.0

The bug occurs in all Windows versions.  I can confirm for Win 98SE. See also bug 247827 for Win 98.  Unfortunately, Bugzilla does not allow generic Windows as an OS.
Ever confirmed: true
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Just to clarify, I can confirm for Firefox 2 on Windows XP and for on Windows 98SE, so it's not OS-specific or version-specific.
I saw this also once, probably triggered by bug 355399 (Firefox 2.0).
Closed all browsers and shut down the system. Windows XP tried to close the XPCOM Event Receiver, but did not succeed. When I clicked on the little window, it only disappeared but Windows did not continue the shutdown. Then I had to manually end three(!) processes firefox.exe in the task manager. After that Windows XP had no problem anymore.
Supposedly the same/duplicate of bug #247827 but in any case, has been a problem from Firefox 1.1 to 2.0 and continues to be.
(In reply to comment #5)
> The bug occurs in all Windows versions.  I can confirm for Win 98SE. See also
> bug 247827 for Win 98.  Unfortunately, Bugzilla does not allow generic Windows
> as an OS.

After upgrading to Firefox 2 then I've seen this bug on two different WinXP systems and one Win2000 system.  I've noticed that the Firefox process (version 2) hangs on an Mac OS X and prevents logouts unless it's forced to quit.

On the Windows systems then I have to monitor the logout since if I leave and come back to the prompt that XPCOM Event Receiver has to be killed then usually the logout process does not end and I have to cold reset the machine.

I have the same bug as well. It is intermitant in nature. When I check the event log I got this entry for it:

Hanging application explorer.exe, version 6.0.2900.2180, hang module hungapp, version, hang address 0x00000000.

WinXP Pro SP2, no applications running in background, antivirus off, windows security options all off.
Okay... so, I've managed to reproduce and got a talkback report - TB27697456Q (I crashed Firefox manually, after checking there was no other thread that was doing anything).

It looks like it's in _PR_MD_WAIT_CV so it's probably waiting on a stale lock or something.  Unfortunately I can't recally what I was doing with it (it's been five hours, I just didn't notice the zombie process...)  I don't think  I triggered any plugins though...  Sorry I can't seem to be any more helpful.

No extensions (I checked the profile postmortem) and only the default start page in history.dat.
Additional information for comment #14.  I have run my machine with only uTorrent running and Firefox started but did not actually use Firefox once the initial page loaded.  This error occurs without any use of Firefox but seems to be triggered once a certain amount of input and/or output traffic goes through the networking subsystem, as it finally locked up as it does, in less than two days.

As my uTorrent client has been doing very heavy traffic during the holidays, my machine has been crashing every 12-18 hrs. instead of 36-48hrs.  This corresponds with the higher amount of networking traffic in/out.

So it appears that nothing needs to be done w/Firefox if it's running for the wait state lock to occur.  I have few plugins: AdBlock, FlashBlock, and CookieCuller, that's all.

Again, I am sure this locked wait state that has been tracked down (thanks much Mook!) does not require actual use of Firefox but rather occurs simply when a certain amount of network traffic has happened.  I've had this problem since Firefox 0.9 to 1.5.9 including all upgrades.
Duplicate of this bug: 392430
should bug 247827 block this?
Depends on: 247827
Have not seen this in FF 3.5 but have also since retired the machine I was running it on. Have not seen it on the new hardware running XP nor under Win 7.
Rob, thanks for the update.

WFM with vista and recent nightly.  reporter address is dead, so unless someone reports they still see this (and/or bug 247827) we'll close this in a few days.
Mr Will also reports WFM with v3.5
Closed: 11 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
This problem has been reported previously by many people in multiple bug reports and multiple forums and has not properly diagnosed.

I'm getting it with Firefox 3.5.3 on Windows 2000.
In my case, I do get the XPCom Event Receiver error during logout, but eventually logout occurs.  I've had problems with very slow Firefox shutdowns related to password hash conversion stalling due to a bug in that area.  (I reported that as bug 516338, which turned out to be the same problem causing bug 492197, and that's been fixed, but the fix isn't in 3.5.3.)  So this seems to be related to situations that cause Firefox exit to stall. 

Do not close.  (We need a "developer in denial" status.)
steps / testcase?
Is there some logging that can be turned on which will help diagnose the problem?
I had this problem too just now.
Firefox sometimes does not seem to shutdown properly for me.
I noticed following peculiarity:
When I press Shutdown button first time, it says that it is (Waiting for) Firefox, now
1) if I don't click in Firefox window and press shutdown button again FF closes properly and quickly and system goes to shutdown
2) if I click inside of Firefox window I get this bug, Firefox becomes not responsive and can only be killed by Windows.

I'm not sure this is exactly what I saw, but from what I remember, this is usual behavior when problem reproduces.
This happened again, on 10.0.1 current release version. I need this bug reopened.
Attached screenshot of hanged FF process's stack as shown by Process Explorer.
This bug should definitely be reopened as it is not yet resolved. It keeps happening with Firefix 14.1 on Windows 7 x64.

Whenever Windows is shut down while Firefox is still running, Windows stops with the message "waiting for the following processes to shutdown" and lists Firefox in that window. Firefox doesn't seem to care about the shutdown request from Windows and keep running, so Windows will not shut down.

If you abort the Windows shutdown and try to close Firefox it hangs and can only be killed.

And before someone says this is caused by a faulty addon, I uninstalled all addons.

It is happening on several workstations, some of them were installed just a few days ago...
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