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Since I upgrade to TB1.5, I cannot type some uppercase letters (like Ç, É, Œ) in the compose window any longer: they're converted in the lowercase equivalent (ç, é or œ). I have the same problem in FF1.5 in a textarea (typically here typing this message). Copy/Paste is still fine (it is how I put them above, from a text editor). I was used to type them with no problem in TB1.0.x.

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13 years ago
Exactly what technique do you use to type these in?  Alt+NNNN or a special keyboard or ... ?

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13 years ago
I'm using a special keyboard driver: (in French sorry). This driver was working just well before the upgrade and is still working in all others software but FF 1.5 and TB 1.5.

Alt+NNNN works well (Alt+0201 gives É) surprisingly.


13 years ago
Version: unspecified → 1.5
(In reply to comment #0)
> (like Ç, É, Œ), they're converted in the lowercase equivalent (ç, é or œ)
> I have the same problem in FF1.5 in a textarea
> Copy/Paste is still fine
Do you use Shift+Ctrl key combination when type in?
If yes, main cause is possibly Bug 287179.

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13 years ago
I don't think (but I'm not aware of the internal of the driver I use): this is an extended keyboard driver which gives me access to special characters (very handy in French ;). It may be linked but behind the scene.

The problematic part is that it used to work nicely before I upgrade to TB1.5.
(In reply to comment #4)
> I don't think

The site you mentioned says (AltGR is right Alt key) :
> Utilisation
> À l'exception du signe « exposant trois », tous les autres signes figurant en
> rouge dans ce dessin sont accessibles à l'aide de la touche AltGr ou,
> éventuellement, de la combinaison Ctrl Alt.
I can't understand French but "de la combinaison Ctrl Alt" looks for me to say "Ctrl+Alt is generated when AltGr(right Alt) is pressed".
If it is true, "Ctrl+Alt+Shift+a" is generated when you pressed "AltGr+Shift+a", even when you doesn't press Ctrl key.

Mathieu Goutelle, is my guess right?

(Above is clarifying purpose only. Since Bug 287179 was reported for Firefox 1.0.1, I'm still uncertain whether Bug 287179 has relation to your problem or not.)
Mathieu Goutelle, see also Bug 304647 and Bug 319308, which are listed in dependency tree of Bug 287179.

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13 years ago
This bug could not be caused by bug 287179, because patch is not even checked into the tree. The Mozilla 1.8 (Thunderbird 1.5) used different keyboard handling code compared to 1.7. Probably that's why TB 1.0 was working as expected.
The fix for bug 287179 will actually fix the problem for Alt+Ctrl+char (AltGr+char) cases.
Mathieu Goutelle, what key combination is used when try to type "Ç, É or Œ"?
(Question about use of Alt, AltGr, Shift, Ctrl, CapsLock, NumLock)

Comment 9

13 years ago
Some examples:
 - To obtain a "É", I use "AltGr+w",
 - To obtain a "Œ", I use "AltGr+p".

I use no shift, Caps Lock off, NumLock off: AltGr only. Replacing AltGr by Ctrl+Alt seems to work in all the other softs I tried but in FF1.5 and TB1.5.
Depends on: 287179

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13 years ago
xref bug 338286 -- reporter there, using a Polish configuration, had a similar issue which was fixed (he says) by a driver update.

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13 years ago
It doesn't give a solution to my problem: it used to work with previous version of TB and FF. It stops working as soon as I have updated it to the 1.5 version. I doubt this is due to my keyboard driver (which is still working with all my apps but FF and TB).

Comment 12

12 years ago
Here is a kind of solution. I can't consider it as a bug fix because when every windows apps handle correctly the keyboard driver replacement but FireFox and ThunderBird, this is a bug. But it works.

If you set the CapsLock key ON, the special AltGr+key combinations send the expected uppercase chars.

Anyway, this is a bug, because, as said Laurent in bug 316449 reports, KBDFRAC is not a patch or some application level tool but a keyboard replacement at system level, and as said many others in this bug report, it worked as usual with previous versions of Mozilla apps. The normal use of KBDFRAC is with the CapsLock key OFF. To say it once more, this works with ALL Windows applications and all the DOS-32 apps I use to work with, the only apps where it doesn't work are DOS-16 softwares and Mozilla apps.
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Assignee: mscott → nobody

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10 years ago
Just for info and in case it might help solve the issue, the bug has disappeared in FF3: the accented uppercase letters are now handled correctly in the various input controls I tried (in HTML forms for instance).
Doesn't help solve the issue, but does help resolve the bug: this never would have been a Thunderbird bug, someone should have moved it to a Core component long ago. If it works in Fx3, then it's nearly certain to also work in what will be Tb3. If you don't feel like using an almost-beta email client, and it doesn't work in Tb when Tb3 comes out, feel free to reopen.
Last Resolved: 10 years ago
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