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[is] Firefox 3 release tracker Icelandic


(Mozilla Localizations :: is / Icelandic, defect)

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(Reporter: Pike, Unassigned)



This is a tracker bug for releasing Firefox 3 is.

This bug is not that detailed, but as we get particular work items, they should
block this bug for tracking, and better discoverability.
Depends on: 311773
Depends on: 442900
Depends on: 442901
Depends on: 442902
Depends on: 442903
Depends on: 442905
Initial landing is done, you should be able to see your work on and shortly.

You could already check out the landed code via anonymous cvs, 

cvs -z3 co l10n/is

As I'm landing a bunch of localizations today, I'll file the bugs for build and tinderboxens in one go for those.
Depends on: 442935
Component: Other → is / Icelandic
QA Contact:
Added to the build, your latest compare-locale run is at, you can find the latest via Your tinderbox is at and test builds will appear on tomorrow.
Depends on: 442904

now that we have your localization on a release process for Firefox 3.0.x, there are some changes to the tree rules for your localization.

For any check-in to a directory affecting Firefox on cvs trunk, please file a bug, and attach a patch for the change (or set of changes). CC me and request approval1.9.0.3 (set the flag on the attachment to '?'). The minor number will change as we move through the releases. I or someone else from the l10n-drivers team will look at your patch and check for technical regressions, and if the patch approval will be granted (the flag will be changed to '+'). If the patch needs to be improved, it will get denied by setting the flag to '-'. Please follow up with a new patch addressing the comments.

You shouldn't land any changes before the patch got approved on cvs trunk.

This ensures that we have ship-ready code in the l10n repositories at all times, and can flexibibly respond to changes in the security area like zero-day exploits.

Thanks for your help, and I hope that you get good feedback on your beta release.

I'm turning over to the hg bugs for 3.1 next. After the initial commit, the hg repos will be open for changes, except search and, for which you should continue to track changes in bugs with stas and me on board, and reviewed patches.
Congratulations, now that we have moved Islandic out of Beta, let's resolve this bug.
Closed: 14 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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