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[silme] Merge multilocale with trunk, cool down API


(Mozilla Localizations :: Infrastructure, defect)

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(Depends on 3 open bugs)


This is a tracking bug for changes required to merge multilocale branch to trunk and make API almost frozen
Depends on: 458443
Depends on: 458444
Depends on: 458445
Depends on: 458450
Depends on: 458451
Depends on: 464104
Depends on: 464107
No longer depends on: 464107
No longer depends on: 458302
No longer depends on: 458444
Depends on: 465572
Depends on: 465811
Depends on: 465859
Depends on: 465863
Depends on: 465867
Depends on: 465869
Depends on: 466594
With today changes I consider silme.core.entity to be feature complete, and ready to release.

I'm not freezing it yet just in case, but you should consider silme.core.entity done and a reference for all other systems in silme.

The code can get some performance boost, but API is freezing fast now... :)
a small update on how are things going.

Unittests for core are done, for diff are on the way, PEP08 is there and the only thing left that may influence the API is Windows testing which will happen today.

I will rather not wait until having all unittests and docstrings with the release, but I will wait for updating tutorial which means that the release of Silme should happen this week and I'm aiming for that.
No longer depends on: 453851
Depends on: 477987
Just a small update.

We're almost done for 0.5 release.

List of open deps:
 - bug 455783: not going to block. A lot of work has been done for 0.5
 - bug 458443: need to revise what's on for Silme
 - bug 458451: will happen with the release. I expect to split into silme lib, and l10n tools
 - bug 465867: did not test. Will test and add to documentation
 - bug 466594: not going to block. Unit tests for core/diff done, will add more with patches
 - bug 477987: has a patch. waiting for review from akalla
Blocks: 478225
multilocale branch has been merged back to trunk
Closed: 15 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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