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Build system should support building both a static and a shared library from the same Makefile


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Some interesting questions arise: does this mean compiling two .o files for each source file, one PIC and one not?  GLIBC does this, using .o for static and .os for PIC, or something like that.
I think not: I think we should compile both the shared and static library with PIC, using the same object files.
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This allows you to set both FORCE_STATIC_LIB and FORCE_SHARED_LIB in the same Makefile. It also adds optional STATIC_LIBRARY_NAME and SHARED_LIBRARY_NAME variables, to rename one or the other. (They'll both default to LIBRARY_NAME.)

I don't think this patch 100% complete, because there were a few instances of $(LIBRARY_NAME) in that I wasn't quite sure what to do with, notably:
The stuff, I have no idea what that does:
and this OS/2 block:
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allow both FORCE_STATIC_LIB and FORCE_SHARED_LIB in the same makefile should be fed the static library name: that scripts is how the static build knows what libraries to link up at the end, and presumably we want it to link with the static libs, not the shared libs

The OS/2 block appears to be creating a .def file, which only applies to dynamic libraries, so I think you want the shared library name there. r=me with those changes
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This got backed out for win32 build bustage.
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I'm going to re-land this, I made one change to update a change I made in bug 467271. (And one comment change.)
Relanded in m-c:
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It appears that this caused bug 473760

With changeset ae21c96c4355 the default browser check as well as the following works


With changeset 19e319a0647b neither works.

This only affects builds after they have been packages and not when they are run from dist/bin
Depends on: 473760
btw: I'm taking tomorrow off and won't be back until Tuesday so I won't be able to help fix bug 473760 anytime soon
All symptoms of the same bug.
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