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DOM Inspector 2.0.4


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Folks - please don't add bugs to the dependent list.  If you think a bug should
be in the release, add a comment and I'll agree/disagree with my reasoning.
Assignee: nobody → sdwilsh
Depends on: 452041
If someone fixes it, sure, but I surely don't have the cycles.
In fact, comment 2 pretty much applies to anything.  I'll promise to be quick with reviews.
Depends on: 482055
Depends on: 488297
Depends on: 212754
Depends on: 466223
Depends on: 505209
Depends on: 192841
I think this might be ready to go out.  Neil - any objections?
The only issue I've had with it recently is that my recollection of the insert node dialog was that it was supposed to default to creating XUL elements in XUL documents and HTML elements in XHTML documents, whereas currently it default to creating elements with no namespace in either type of document.
AFAIK that was always the case - it would call document.createElement unless a namespace was specified, and that means it'd get the namespace of the document.  Is that not happening anymore?
No, I might have misunderstood but I every time I create an element in a XUL document I have to select "XUL" or "Document default" from the list; I could be wrong but I doubt that selecting "null" should do that but I couldn't remember whether "Document default" should be selected by default.
I'm 95% sure the behavior hasn't changed.
Depends on: 522844
Bug 524113? It's a trivial change.
(In reply to comment #10)
> Bug 524113? It's a trivial change.
If somebody provides a patch, sure.  I don't have the cycles for it at the moment, but I was going to wait about a week longer for locales to update their localization.
There you go, formalized patch adding that line.
Depends on: 524113
Uploaded to AMO.
Closed: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Could you ping AMO editors to get it out of sandbox? Maybe also adding the "trusted" bit so that further updates won't be delayed by the review queue?

Right now automatic update doesn't find the new version leaving 3.6b users with not fully working inspector.
Waiting for approval still.  I sent mail to amo-editors, but have not had any response.
Somehow I neglected to nominate it.  Weird.  Anywho, the update is out, and the add-on is now trusted.
Filed bug 530187 for 2.0.5
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