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Move GNOME groupbox style to -moz-appearance/nsITheme


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Bug 403753 introduced a hardcoded <groupbox> style into gnomestripe to follow the current GNOME HIG.
Meanwhile, the native theming interfaces have gained support for groupboxes (at least on Windows), so it would be better if we could move to using -moz-appearance in the theme and have the code for following the GNOME HIG in the native theming code, so in case of a change of the GNOME HIG or later/other toolkits actually supporting theming for groupboxes, we don't have stuff hardcoded in the theme code.

What I'm actually "dreaming" of here is to have the ability to follow the theme of the primary used desktop if we can detect it (esp. if it's KDE), with GNOME as fallback, of course.
Believe it or not, but <groupbox> is probably the largest difference in the look of Firefox vs. a native KDE app given you have a GTK theme matching your KDE theme or are using the GTK-QT them engine.
Adding the Mac OS X groupbox native theming bug (bug 421814) as a dependent bug since doing this for GTK relies just as much on that bug as the Windows groupbox native theming (bug 390734) which this bug depends on.
Depends on: 421814
Severity: normal → S3
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