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parking of messages - prevent deletion, purge, moving (both manual and automatic)


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I'd like a feature in Tb like 10+ years available in The Bat!. It's kind a "starred" feature already available, but the parked message cannot be moved and always stays below unread messages, so it is kinf of "todo".
OS: Windows NT → Windows 7!Professional_07large.png

here is a screenshot of it. The P column in messages area. The flag column is the same as Tb's star.
Severity: normal → enhancement
OS: Windows 7 → All
Hardware: x86 → All

Here is a working URL of the feature discription.
Message parking is designed to prevent accidental deletion of valuable messages. When a message is parked, you will not be able to move it to another folder, nor will it be deleted or automatically purged. It is also impossible to delete a folder that contains one or more parked messages, or contains a sub-folder which contains a parked message.

To park a message, just select it in the message list, and click on the blue dot next to it. Once the message is parked the blue dot will turn into parking icon .

You can also park a message by right-clicking on it and selecting Park from the dropdown menu:
Depends on: 396311
Summary: parking of messages → parking of messages - prevent deletion, purge, moving (both manual and automatic)

I think we should just use a special tag. I propose using ".parked" (dot to denote it's a system property, like unix)
This would not show up as a regular tag, and marking as read would need manual marking. Deleting/moving would be prohibited.

See Also: → 275168
See Also: → 378733
Severity: normal → S3
Duplicate of this bug: 1810287

This feature could also be used to prevent the sending of draft messages.

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