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Commit access (Level 3) for Mike Hommey <>


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I hereby request commit access to hg repositories (mozilla-central being my main interest). I've got many patches landed in the past years, and I think this would make it easier for me to push reviewed patches without waiting for somebody else to check them in (for instance, at the moment, I have 8 patches waiting for checkin). With my Debian developer hat on, my main interest is Linux integration, and fixes for non mainstream architectures.
Example of patches already landed:
bug 547656 - xptcall broken on mips o32 big endian
bug 546093 - Print dialog should not display the SVG output option when printing to a file
bug 544512 - Misaligned accesses in uconv causes Bus Error on sparc and word wrapping on arm
bug 543438 - TestBlockingProcess relies on stdin to "block"
bug 542999 - Setting general.useragent.locale in user profile should override any intl.locale.matchOS setting
bug 461663 - 16 bits colour channel values should not have lower bits zeroed 
bug 448658 - nsAutoTArray aligns buffer to 32 bits, causing SIGBUS when array entry type requires 64-bit alignment
bug 440840 - mailcap handling may fail due to race conditions between thread waiting and system() 
bug 373397 - nsGNOMERegistry could use the mozgnome component 
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Hardware: x86 → All
Sent Committer's Agreement.
Summary: Commit access (Level 3) for Mike Hommey → Commit access (Level 3) for Mike Hommey <>
Whiteboard: ssh-key
I have received Mike's Committer's Agreement.
Whiteboard: ssh-key → ssh-key, form
I'm willing to vouch, as a c-c build peer.
Can't count bsmedberg as SR (as he's reviewed glandium's patches), but he can be the second voucher. Still need an SR to vouch...
Whiteboard: ssh-key, form → ssh-key, form, voucher1, voucher2
Unfortunately biesi is not a suitable SR, since he's also reviewed several of Mike's patches. See number 2) at .
FWIW, here is a list of SRs that already reviewed one or more of my patches: brendan, bsmedberg, bzbarsky, cbiesinger, dbaron, dveditz, jonas, jst, kaie, mrbkap, mscott, neil, shaver and vladimir. That's almost half of them.
Hmm, Standard8 (Mark) is not in your list of sr's. Perhaps he will sr+ you.
Comment 8 shows why the "sr who has not reviewed a patch" rule is ridiculous...
I agree that it's ridiculous, but I lost that fight when we last updated the policy. I think we should revisit that, but in the mean time, finding another SR is probably the most expedient option.

If mconnor really hasn't reviewed any of your patches (I thought he had), then I'd suggest asking him, since he's volunteered to vouch for account requests in the past.
Note my list could have false negatives, I only grepped my bugzilla mail box for the review messages. (though I think I have all messages I ever received)
Asking mconnor anyway, though he might be reviewing my Debian patches as part of bug 555935...
Still no one to sr me ? :(
We're changing the policy (see so that any of the existing srs can do it. That should take effect very shortly.
and this policy is now changed, so any of the sr's here can be valid sr's! Which means this should now be able to be resolved.
Over to IT for LDAP account creation with hg_mozilla and hg_mozsrc bits.
Assignee: marcia → server-ops
Whiteboard: ssh-key, form, voucher1, voucher2 → ssh-key, form, voucher1, voucher2, sr
Assignee: server-ops → jlazaro
Unable to create account at the moment with your current e-mail address: "".  oremj will be updating LDAP for functionality when creating accounts with special characters.
(In reply to comment #18)
> Unable to create account at the moment with your current e-mail address:
> "".  oremj will be updating LDAP for functionality when
> creating accounts with special characters.

You can use the address in the bug subject, without the special character.
Nice :)

Account created for with hg_mozilla and mg_mozsrc bits enabled

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