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Remove cookie, password and various permission management windows from SeaMonkey UI


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Once Data Manager has landed in SeaMonkey and has all the capabilites the separate cookie, password and various permission management windows have right now, we should remove those ultimately.

Note that this needs careful thought about how to deal with various menu items currently associated with those managers, and it needs thinking about the use-cases that might be served better with current UI than Data Manager UI - ideally we'll find ways to address those in the new UI in a reasonable way as well.
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Looking at the most recent builds, the combination of all items in a single
Data Manager is great! So, which UI items are you going to remove as being obsoleted, which ones will be kept?

I'd definitely vote for retaining the quick options from the Tools menu to make modifications for the site you're currently looking at (e.g., Tools > Cookie Manager > Allow Session Cookies). That's a major advantage over the convoluted way those have to be configured in other browsers (including Firefox), so you hopefully aren't thinking of removing those. ;-)
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> Looking at the most recent builds, the combination of all items in a single
> Data Manager is great!

Thanks, good to know it's well-received!

> So, which UI items are you going to remove as being
> obsoleted, which ones will be kept?

The idea is to remove the actual managers for that data now being managed in Data Manager, and probably rearrange the items for directly setting permissions, etc. in a way that it's less spread, but keep those around, of course - esp. in the case of cookie and popup permissions as well as the "Log out" item now in passwords. Ideas of how to arrange those are very much appreciated, but we surely don't want to kill them off!
Is there a way to access the old managers in Seamonkey 2.1? I'm trying to track down a bug but it looks like they're already removed. The usual chrome: URLs all point to Data Manager. Thanks.
chrome://communicator/content/permissions/cookieViewer.xul works for the Cookie Manager.
Hello Robert,
I recalled sending u an e-mail of sorts on a "possible exploit" scenario and never got a good respond--ooh well.(yes something to do with pop-up/tap-up)

Concerning this NEW SM 2.1's Data Manager, specifically, the "Cookie Manager", whereby i have to click on the left pane, then click on the middle pane, AND then CLICK the "REMOVE" button just so that I Can DELETE ONE COOKIE!! 3 (THREE) clicks, Come On!
Simplicity, my fiends, simplicity. Where's the "Remove all Cookies" button? Why can I NOT delete a cookie by highlighting it once, and click "Remove"? Why do you think it is called "Cookie Manager"? I manage cookies simply so that i can add it to the "do not set...".
So, please enhance and rectify the cookie manager's overall functionalities, thank you

Hi Suny. I certainly agree with you that the number of mouse clicks needed for specific actions has increased over the previous implementation of the cookie manager, and some of that is due to an IMO unnecessary level of confirmation requirements when performing such an action (after all, it's SeaMonkey and not Firefox we are talking about, thus we can assumed that the user is experienced enough to know the implications of "Remove", "Delete", and "Forget").

No longer being able to view all cookies in the same pane is a regression over the previous implementation (bug 666098), though personally I like the split up per domain as it fits the way I'm using the Data Manager. On a per-domain basis you can use Ctrl+A to select all cookies, but then there is still another click needed to confirm deleting them (bug 666099). You can also right-click on a selected domain or use the DEL key to open the "Forget" tab, which again needs another redundant mouse click to check the "Cookies" category even if you have opened the Data Manager from the "Manage Stored Cookies" menu (bug 666102).

So, while many of the issues you state should be covered by these bugs, my primary concern as stated in comment #1 was to retain the Tools > xxx Manager menu shortcuts to quickly change the permissions for the currently displayed page, which is a major advantage over the Firefox implementation. Also, the old managers should be kept alive until the Data Manager is considered equivalent so that users preferring it the old way still have chrome: URLs as workaround.
For Password Manager, the Password Exporter extension uses the window obtained from [Edit > Preferences > Privacy & Security > Passwords].  At the moment, this is the only way a user can maintain the list of Passwords Never Saved.  See bug #670938.
I withdraw my comment #7 since I have determined that bug #670938 is invalid.  

However, I do like the Export Passwords extension and would still like to have an interface for reaching it.  Please confirm that this bug applies only to the Tools menu on the menu bar and not to selections on the Preferences window.  

Also, eliminating specific items from the Tool menu in favor of just having Data Manager should be done in a way that does not trigger a request for my master password (if I have not previously entered it during the current session) until I either select Passwords Only from the pull-down list on the left or the Passwords tab.
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