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Update Site Identity Panel


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This is a tracking bug for various changes to the site identity panel.  This single piece of secondary UI touches several different projects:

-Location bar and Site identity
-Firefox button (some menu items were moved over here)
-Site prefs

So all of the bugs under here are going to have dependencies over to those other projects as well.
This mockup covers the various changes we would like to make to the site identity panel.
Depends on: 588687
Depends on: 588689
Depends on: 588613
No longer depends on: 588689
This bug needs increased priority. This was suppost to come in 4.0. We are now in 5 and report web foregry is almost a forgotten option. With phishing on the rise according to the work group I think it's important that this be fixed by 6.0 or the next security update 5.0.x
Just to update, we are at Firefox 9.0.1 and yet this panel has not been implemented.
The "Report web forgery..." was supposed to be moved to this panel.
The specs in this bug and its dependencies are pretty old, so maybe it would be worth looking at what pieces are still relevant and what should be made a higher priority.
Keywords: uiwanted
assigned to Limi since it's Larry-related :)
Assignee: nobody → limi
Keywords: uiwanted
Depends on: 729493
I guess this Bug is something Project SPF might tackle?
Blocks: 819696
Assignee: limi → nobody
Depends on: 732688
No longer depends on: 732688
Depends on: 909326
Note that there's open questions in Bug 909326 but I'd like to get this on the backlog nonetheless.
Flags: firefox-backlog?
Since this is a tracking bug, we don't track this directly in the backlog. If you think some of the dependencies should be included, feel free to nominate them.

According to comment 4, it might even make sense to close this bug and just track the relevant dependencies individually.
Flags: firefox-backlog? → firefox-backlog-
This is going to be done by bug 1125402, can we dupe this?
Let's call this WONTFIX given that it's old.
Closed: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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