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[Meta] Tracking bug for Yahoo! IMAP partiqularities, problems and cofusions in using Yahoo! IMAP with Thunderbird, and improvements of Thunderbird for accessing Yahoo! IMAP


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(Keywords: meta, Whiteboard: [See imap tab(features/tips/imap) of URL: field])

This bug is is Yahoo! IMAP version of meta(tracking) bug 402793 for Gmail IMAP.

Bug 493064 is fixed, so Tb 3.1(and newer) user now can easily define Yahoo! IMAP account by auto-config of Tb 3.1 and user now can easily access Yahoo! IMAP without special setups.
However, Yahoo! IMAP's particularity will surely produce user's confusions, even though Yahoo! IMAP is far near to ordinal IMAP server than Gmail IMAP. Further, difference/mismatch/incocistency between "Yahoo! Mail access via Yahoo! Mail of Web Interface" and "Yahoo! Mail access via Yahoo! IMAP server using Thunderbird" will surely produce user's confusions.
And, problem of bug 610264 is already discovered for Yahoo! IMAP.

This bug is to avoide flood of useless/unwanted bug open by general Thunderbird user at B.M.O, for his complaints during user is using Yahoo! IMAP with Thunderbird.
Blocks: 493064, 610264
Keywords: meta
Yahoo! Mail uses "Draft" instead of "Drafts", so user has to change Copies&Folders setting just after Yahoo! IMAP account definition on Thunderbird.
For special folder names, see bug 476260 (IMAP XLIST).
Depends on: 614831
No longer depends on: 614831
(In reply to comment #1)
> Yahoo! Mail uses "Draft" instead of "Drafts", so user has to change
> Copies&Folders setting just after Yahoo! IMAP account definition on
> Thunderbird.

Similar issue with "Spam" folder, Yahoo! uses a folder called "Bulk Mail" instead. (Changed on "Junk Settings" page.)

(In reply to comment #2)
> For special folder names, see bug 476260 (IMAP XLIST).
Is that the issue? Do we know that it sends IMAP XLIST? It's verified working, but it clearly isn't for Yahoo!.
Patrick, I just said "see" - XLIST is the preferred solution for the problem.
The other solution would be adding an autoconfig XML feature. Finally found it: bug 558659.
(In reply to comment #4)
> Patrick, I just said "see" - XLIST is the preferred solution for the problem.
> The other solution would be adding an autoconfig XML feature. Finally found it:
> bug 558659.

Ah OK, sorry for that, I misunderstood. I was thinking this issue might be similar to bug  519797 from Gmail, but I'm not sure.

When I connect via SSL to the server in a prompt I get:
H=XYMPKI] IMAP4rev1 imapgate-0.7.65_12.286037

My understanding is that XLIST should be listed here?
Patrick, yes. The server/ISP needs to support XLIST, and very few so far do. I just mentioned that, because we may be able to convince Yahoo to implement it.
Whiteboard: [See imap tab(features/tips/imap) of URL: field]
For bug 610264 comment #3.
> But the fetch command makes a huge range as the last one: 
> 7 UID fetch  1:924,925(...)3398:282768 

Main cause of huge range in any IMAP folder when Yahoo! IMAP was:
  UID is unique not only in an IMAP folder but also among all IMAP folders.
For example, UID=1 in Inbox, copy UID=1 in Inbox to Inbox2 => UID=2 in Inbox2 instead of UID=1, copy UID=2 in Inbox2 to Inbox => UID=3 in Inbox instead of UID=2. So, if move of mails(COPY+STORE Flag \Deleted+EXPUNGE) is executed many times, highest UID increases rapidly in any Yahoo! IMAP folder, even if number of active mails is kept small.
From perspective of UID, Yahoo! IMAP can be considered;
- All mails is held in a single real mail folder, and UID(or UIDL of POP3) is
  assigned in the single real mail folder.
- Any Yahoo! IMAP folder is similar to Virtual Folder of Tb, and UID in single
  real folder is always used as UID of a mail in an IMAP folder.

Does Tb use 64bits integer for UID in any place?
AFAIK, UID is saved in same field for offset of local mail folder. It's 32bits unsigned integer or 32bits signed integer. I hope Yahoo! uses 32bits integer for UID...

Are we better to recommend IMAP delete model of "Just mark it as deleted" to any Yahoo! IMAP user, instead of current deault of "Move to Trash" model?
Are we better to open bug for default change to "Just mark it as deleted" from current "Move to Trash"?
During "Account Wizard for Gmail IMAP" was alive in Tb 3.0beta, "Remove immediately" was defaulted for Gmail IMAP account of Tb due to partiqularity of Gmail IMAP, though "Account Wizard for Gmail IMAP" was removed when Tb 3.0 was released.
No longer blocks: 493064, 610264
Depends on: 493064, 610264

Following is copy of Bug 493064 comment #35 by on 2010-12-10.
> Hi all, 
> I'm the PM for the Yahoo! Mail Platform and I wanted to drop a note on this
> thread (which David Ascher pointed me to).  Yahoo is working with Mozilla to
> bring IMAP access to Thunderbird but we are not prepared for this currently. 
> We will not support users that access IMAP from the desktop today.  This being
> said we are actively pursuing an open IMAP solution and have started by
> piloting for mobile.
> Thanks much
> Herbert

Please don't forget that you are participating or helping "piloting for mobile" by Yahoo! when you are accessing Yahoo!'s IMAP sever via your mobile device placed on your table or desk or lap. Someone may call your the "mobile device" PC or Mac or Note.
Assignee: nobody → m-wada
There is currently an intermittent problem logging into
server does not support the selected authentication method

Here are a couple of snippets from the imap log, when it works and not:

784[476e600]: try to log in
784[476e600]: IMAP auth: server caps 0x7227, pref 0x1006, failed 0x0, avail caps 0x1006
784[476e600]: (GSSAPI = 0x1000000, CRAM = 0x20000, NTLM = 0x100000, MSN =  0x200000, PLAIN = 0x1000, LOGIN = 0x2, old-style IMAP login = 0x4)
784[476e600]: trying auth method 0x1000
784[476e600]: got new password
784[476e600]: IMAP: trying auth method 0x1000
784[476e600]: PLAIN auth

3396[476d0c0]: try to log in
3396[476d0c0]: IMAP auth: server caps 0x6221, pref 0x1006, failed 0x0, avail caps 0x0
3396[476d0c0]: (GSSAPI = 0x1000000, CRAM = 0x20000, NTLM = 0x100000, MSN =  0x200000, PLAIN = 0x1000, LOGIN = 0x2, old-style IMAP login = 0x4)
3396[476d0c0]: no remaining auth method
3396[476d0c0]: login failed entirely

Can tb imap devs comment on this?  It appears that the server is intermittently returning caps that do not support any login, is that right?  Is this entirely the server's fault?  Is this their way of managing server load?  Can anything be done about this on the client?  Is TB perhaps logging in too frequently?  I notice that selecting a folder after a few minutes of inactivity, performs a login.  Is that normal or should a session/connection be kept alive?
Depends on: 661510
Filed bug 661510 about last comment.
Another intermittent problem that started recently (this week?): Bug 661774
Depends on: 661618
Depends on: 710507
Another issue for Yahoo! French user is that the specials folders names are not localized in Thunderbird, so they see:
Bulk Mail

Which does not mean anything for French user which doesn't understand English. This is very annoying.

See: Bug 543227
Depends on: 802154
Ludo, this meta bug(Bug 6148269 is for "Yahoo! IMAP partiqularities" only, and Bug 802154 is for "Yahoo! POP3".
Do any of these qualify?
456590 – Yahoo and AT&T SMTP SSL change fails with Thunderbird
635601 – Cannot connect to SMTP server when using yahoo mail with postfix
604444 – When get mail for first time from Yahoo it appears a window to select a certificate (a personal certificate must be installed)
No longer depends on: 802154
Flags: needinfo?(m-wada)
Flags: needinfo?(m-wada)
Depends on: 1133766
Depends on: 1074055, 1260059
This morning attempts to use Yahoo! IMAP with Thunderbird result in a timeout during login. Where is that issue being tracked? It probably should be depended on by this bug…
I am also experiencing timeouts and failed logins while connecting to Yahoo! IMAP today.
I'm running TB v52.2.1(32bit) on Windows 10.

Email was working for me last night.

In diagnosing the issues, I created a new App password on Yahoo - but am still not able to login and check mail with Thunderbird.
For the Yahoo! IMAP+Thunderbird issue, it is tracked at bug #1382010. It appears to have been resolved by Yahoo.
Depends on: 1481102

(In reply to hgeeka from comment #18)

I face similar problem.
Yahoo imap accounts not adding To Thunderbird 52

IIRC yahoo will fail in version 52. You should be on version 60.
If you continue to have difficulty see and

Depends on: 1575433

I suspect yahoo imap has matured about as much as it is going to get. And all the blocking bugs are closed. So let's close this.

Closed: 5 months ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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