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Stop support for building with Windows 2003R2 SDK only (= without Windows Vista/7 SDK) after Gecko 2.0


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Windows 2000
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Gecko 2.0 still supports building with Windows 2003R2 SDK only [though that disables some newer features].
As one of the probably last developers still using Windows 2000, I support and am thankful for that :-)

Yet, I can only agree with Ted or other people who would like to drop (specific) support for this (7-year old) SDK asap.
Let's do that after mozilla-2.0 has branched (for good).

Windows Server 2003 R2 Platform SDK

This is your only option if you're on Windows 2000. You'll also need to install this if you are using a free version of Visual C++ and want to build code that uses ATL.
I think we should just require the Windows 7 SDK for building Gecko post-2.0, since we're using features from it already anyway.
What's the status of this?
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(In reply to Bas Schouten (:bas) from comment #2)
> What's the status of this?

Options seem to be:
1) Continue to support P.SDK 2003R2 for now, as it currently is (supposed to be).
2) Confirm+Do this bug: drop P.SDK 2003R2 support only, as a first step.
3) Land+Complete bug 699385: drop Vista SDK support too, at the same time.
Per comment 1, I think we should just require the Windows 7 SDK. It should be a simple configure change to make that happen, and we can do code cleanup to remove ifdefs as a followup.
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Alias: PSDK2003R2Removal
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Fwiw, wrt current 12a1 tree:

Building on Try using "--with-windows-version=502":
*1 bug is fixed.
*2 bugs have attached patches to review.

Building locally with "Windows 2000 + P.SDK 2003R2 + VC8EE":
3 bugs have local patches I haven't attached yet.

With these, builds complete on both environments :-)
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I think we should dup this bug to bug 699385.
Closed: 13 years ago
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No longer blocks: 719389
No longer blocks: 717499
No longer blocks: 716449
No longer blocks: 721182
No longer blocks: 555485
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