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Installer user interface rewrite


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Windows 7
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To support Windows x64 we would like to have a stub installer (bug 322206) that checks if the user is runnin Windows x64 and then downloads / installs the correct bits. To accomplish this, I propose we use the existing installer, have it check if it already has the files to install, and if it doesn't have it download an archive containing the correct files. To support this, a rewrite of the installer user interface will be necessary.
Attached image Stub installer mockup
Quick mockup of a stub installer flow.
Alex, could you change the bottom box with the buttons to either not contain a button with long text and a checkbox with long text? There are locales where having both in a non-wrapping region has been very troublesome in the past. Perhaps use the text Install (new installs) and Upgrade (existing installs being upgraded) instead since we have strings for all locales already for them that are a standard button width?

I haven't checked whether we can modify the button box using the new NSIS methods available to add a checkbox to it and will check when I have time.
Hi all--

I'm going to be working with Blake to get this project going.  I definitely have some changes to copy and such that need to be made before this starts getting implemented. I'll work with Slater's team to make sure this gets the attention it needs.
Depends on: 675970
Depends on: 720099
No longer depends on: 720099
Don't want to add any unnecessary noise, but saw the mockup and wanted to note that "hardware acceleration" means little to most users.
If the distract-&-educate-the-user text was thrown in there to fill space and without expectation of permanence...well then, forget I said anything.
Work in progress screenshots based on bug 690126 and bug 683993
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With bug 322206 landed this is complete. I'll file a new bug for converting the regular installer to use the new ui
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I may be late to the party, but would it be better for "downloading" to change to "downloaded" after it's complete?
Discussed a few weeks ago and already done.
Keywords: verifyme
QA Contact: jsmith
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