Avoid duplicating "firefox" as "firefox-bin"

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Since the updater can't currently deal with symbolic links, bug 552864 made it so that firefox and firefox-bin are really the same binary, duplicated.

We can either go the symbolic link way, which means a lot of problems: updating mar, updating the mar creation scripts, maybe updating the updater... and even then, I'm not even sure this would work: if updates are applied with the old updater, then we can't rely on that (and if it's the case, we may want the updater to actually first update the updater and restart itself for futureproofness)

Or, a possible simple solution could be a little shell script:
exec ${0%-bin} "$@"

(though it wouldn't work as well as a symbolic link)
How about just biting the bullet, and shipping only a "firefox" (binary)?
At least on Linux, that could be a problem. I remember some time ago, some desktop environments would store "firefox-bin" as the application to run. People might still have that kind of setup. Do we want to break them?
When I tried to drop the "firefox" shell script on OS X, it broke some software that was trying to call that instead of firefox-bin, so I'm sure there are some things doing the opposite.
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exec `which ${0%-bin}` "$@"

may work better.
this bug is not fixed even in firefox 8. wasn't the point of new release strategy, to push fixes and features faster to the community?

this issue is know since May, now we are in November. Over half a year for a script.
Release strategies don't mean that we're prioritizing resources on this specific bug.

Please see Bugzilla Etiquette:

While we do care about fixing bug like these, other more important bugs get handled first and are pushed faster with the new release strategy.
/usr/lib/firefox/firefox-bin is a symlink now. I don't think it's even in use anymore.
This started between Milestone=12.0 and Milestone=13.0 due to my tests for SeaMonkey in Bug 1288966 comment #2
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We're still doing this on OSX. In addition, firefox and firefox-bin differ very slightly from each other for some reason.
I had some success with two try pushes:


In the latter, I broke building geckodriver because I wanted to change references from 'firefox-bin' to 'firefox', and broke some magic checksumming logic.
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