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Ajax library/ Response.redirects do not work in firefox 5


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Using Telerik RadPanel/ Radgrid version Q4 2006 version 
Adding ajax functionality to the page.

A response.redirect will throw and error when utilizing ajax.
Response.redirectlocation does not work.
Also adding javascript via RegisterClientStartup also does not work.

Reproducible: Always
Errm, could you provide more Informations please.
Here a Guide to do it the proper Way (expecially a reduced Testcase/URL showing the Issue):
Version: unspecified → 5 Branch
Severity: critical → normal
A radgrid contains a bound item, that has a linkbutton.

When clicking the linkbutton, it will call the itemcommand event.  This is fired.

In the itemcommand event if you have a response.redirect ( some page) it will error out.

The grid is ajaxified, along with a radajaxpanel around the grid.

This is a bad bug, and i see more people have this same issue...

Everything worked in firefox 3, not sure what you guys changed.
Several people are reporting a problem with response.redirect here:

Not convinced it is a Firefox bug (it may be or not), but the users are mixing server-side/client-side languages/snippets, so it is difficult to get usable STR from there comments.

I experience the same issue, maybe this can help :

In, if server side you call Response.RedirectLocation = "yourUrl";
it works with  ie8/9, chrome, FF4 and FF3.6. Using FF5, nothing happens.

I'm new to bugzilla, sorry if I posted the wrong way...
Think this is what's happening, from a quick debug session with the Telerik RadAjax library (

The library contains code like this (modified into a fairly minimal testcase):

  <body onload="redirect()">
<script language="javascript">
  function redirect()
    var tmp=document.createElement("a");"none";

In Firefox 3.6, is undefined.  In Firefox 5, is defined, but calling does nothing (possibly throws an exception - not immediately clear a quick initial investigation).

Why they're not just using window.location.href by default is beyond me, but unfortunately, quite a lot of websites will use the Telerik RadAjax library.  Upgrading to a fixed version of the library would cause a lot of pain.
We're seeing this problem too on some custom code.  The problem seems to boil down to a difference between FF5 and previous versions regarding the existence of where a is an anchor tag.

The difference in behaviour can be seen with this simple HTML:

<a id="link" href="" onclick="if ( alert('click'); else alert('no click'); return false">The link</a>

Clicking on the link in FF 3.6.18 alerts with "no click" whereas in FF 5 it alerts with "click".

The code example above they are testing for ( and calling if found.  Other browsers (IE in particular) will then navigate the anchor as if ther user clicked on it while FF will not.
Hmm, this sounds like Bug 666985/Bug 667632, no?
Bug 666604 is about to fix those (hopefully pushed for Resolution in Time for Firefox 6).
Duplicate of this bug: 666674
Depends on: 666604
Blocks: 583514
Closed: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 7
Duplicate of this bug: 671262
Duplicate of this bug: 670818
so, when do you think this fix will be out???
This is definitely fixed in Firefox 7, and may be fixed in Firefox 6.
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